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6 Webex Alternatives You Can Switch to in 2022

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    Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Desktop Sharing, Video Conferencing
    Webex comes from Cisco's kitchen. Thanks to years of development, updates, and resources available to the development teams at Cisco, Webex can offer some great perks. For instance, you don't have to worry about scalability as it can support up to 3,000 attendees. It also has great potential when it comes to training employees with screen-sharing features and support for desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

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  2. AI-Based Collaboration for Hybrid Teams. Rich media messaging, advanced video and voice conferencing, auto-transcribing and screen sharing. Serendipitous meetings at the water-cooler with your human and AI teammates.
    With Stork, there is not one thing that you can't do with your virtual meetings. With Stork, you can effortlessly schedule and invite people to your online meetings, record any part of the meeting, transcribe it automatically, share it with the team, and play it back on demand. Plus, using Stork is so easy; all you have to do is download the app from your favorite App Store and immediately reduce wasted time and effort.

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    Equip your team with tools designed to collaborate, connect, and engage with teammates and customers, no matter where you’re located, all in one platform.
    Its popularity spiked a couple of years ago, which made Zoom a target of cybercriminals. If you are worried about cybersecurity and using Zoom, you should get more familiar with all known Zoom security issues.

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  4. Collaborate with partners and clients using ClickMeeting professional web conferencing software. Try it now, FREE!
    ClickMeeting is easy to use, thanks to its clean user interface. You also get to change the color palette, which is a convenient customization perk to have. You can set up trigger events. For instance, you can have the participants take a survey once the video conference ends.

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  5. GoToMeeting is a web conferencing service offering a range of services which are available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices.
    GoToMeeting is so much more than a tool that enables video chat and video meetings. It comes with the support for multiple devices and packs some of the must-have features such as screen sharing. When it comes to advanced features, you will be happy to find out that you can set a PIN code for a participant to enter to join a video conference. Here is a more in-depth look into GoToMeeting features.

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  6. Microsoft Teams provides the enterprise-level security, compliance and management features you expect from Office 365, including broad support for compliance standards, and eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, chats, and files.
    Microsoft Teams is another solution in the line of alternatives to Webex. It comes from the team at Microsoft. Microsoft Teams wasn't developed as software for businesses from the ground up. Instead, Microsoft opted for creating a versatile platform able to cater to the needs of both individuals and companies. This is why you can often see Microsoft Teams advertised as home and business software.

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  7. Enterprise-friendly version of Google Hangouts
    Google Meet is the last of our sourced alternatives to Webex. Google Meet is not a brand new platform. It started as Google Hangouts Meet. Over time it evolved into a more comprehensive solution for video conferences. It is a cutting-edge web conferencing platform delivered by one of the IT giants.

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