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Why we switched to Mattermost

Mattermost Slack
  1. Mattermost is an open source alternative to Slack.
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    Just dialing that down a notch – both our Mattermost clients (usually browsers) and Mattermost servers are now invisible to the Internet and invisible to any network. If a user session is properly identified (dive deeper here if strong identification (no, IP addresses don’t count!) is important to you), authenticated and authorized then it can open a Zero trust application connection. Else, no soup for you. Yes, full Zero Trust…as code, meaning the users and admins are not running the soup line. All enabled because Mattermost is based on open source and gives us an extensible, flexible, software-only base.

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    A messaging app for teams who see through the Earth!
    Now, obviously core messaging functionality is critical. Mattermost is great there, but so is Slack. In fact, Slack features like third-party integrations and threaded messaging were missed greatly (thank you, Mattermost, for recently adding threaded messaging). So the relative parity between the solutions from a ‘speeds and feeds’ perspective was table stakes, but we ended up going with the solution which arguably had less ‘features’ and niceties, but fit better with our core principles. And we are now very happy Mattermost users.

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