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Top 10 Data Analysis Tools in 2022

Apache Superset GoodData Looker Microsoft Office Excel Microsoft Power BI SAS Business Intelligence Tableau QlikSense KNIME Zebra BI
  1. modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
    • Open Source
    Apache Superset It is an open-source software application, meaning it can be modified to suit a company’s needs. It is among the few data analysis tools available to handle big data. Apache Superset is free to use. Apache Superset is a free tool businesses can use to explore and visualize data. However, it does not support NoSQL databases.

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  2. GoodData provides a cloud-based platform that enables more than 6,000 global businesses to monetize big data.
    • Free Trial
    GoodData The platform can be used to embed dashboards with options for coding and no coding. The Growth of GoodData plan costs $20/month/workspace. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing. GoodData embedded analytics is an essential tool for software as a service (SaaS) platforms to bring insights and visuals directly to the end users. However, it might be difficult to use for beginners.

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  3. 3
    Looker makes it easy for analysts to create and curate custom data experiences—so everyone in the business can explore the data that matters to them, in the context that makes it truly meaningful.
    Looker Looker provides embedded analytics for users; speeding up the creation of data-driven applications. Looker Enterprise can cost up to $5,000 per month. Looker is a cloud-based data analysis platform that can provide medium to large-sized companies with all they need for data analysis. However, Looker is limited to working with SQL databases.

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  4. Microsoft Office Excel is a commercial spreadsheet application.
    Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel allows the direct addition of analog data from a picture to a fully editable format in Excel. Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription costs $6/user/month. Microsoft Excel is a very efficient tool for small businesses in processing and conducting calculations on data. However, Excel is relatively old, which means limited features in terms of visualizations and dashboards.

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  5. BI visualization and reporting for desktop, web or mobile
    Power BI Power BI is owned by Microsoft and, as such, has excellent compatibility with Microsoft Excel, which is a highly popular tool for data analysis. Power BI Premium costs $27.5 per month for each user. Power BI is a powerful tool produced by Microsoft and has proven itself as a powerful data analysis tool. However, its best features are seen within the Microsoft ecosystem, which may limit its use.

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  6. SAS Business Intelligence software provides the most comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use reporting and analytics features. In your office or on the go.
    SAS Business Intelligence SAS is a complete package that can be used in data analysis, from basic statistics to advanced data analysis. SAS costs start at $8,000 per year for businesses. SAS is a great data analysis and BI tool that offers maximum functionality and is easy to use for all user roles. However, the price may be a deterrent to small businesses.

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  7. Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.
    Tableau Tableau has a wide range of features promoting data integration from any source. Tableau Creator licenses cost $70/month, while the Explorer license costs $42/month per user. Tableau is a highly recommended tool with a wide range of features and a simplified pricing system. However, it has been reported to have suboptimal customer support and can be complex for beginners.

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  8. A business discovery platform that delivers self-service business intelligence capabilities

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  9. 9
    KNIME, the open platform for your data.
    KNIME KNIME is an open-source tool that allows you to build or manipulate software to fit your company goals. KNIME is a free data analysis tool. KNIME is a valuable tool that is freely accessible and can be modified due to its open architecture. However, there is a paucity of learning materials and a need for better visualization.

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  10. Offers advanced charts such as waterfall or variance charts in 1 click.
    Zebra BI Zebra BI visuals can automatically calculate and visualize data, making report building faster than ever before, regardless of data science knowledge. Zebra BI Pro version costs $4.02/user/month. Zebra BI is a powerful data visualization tool that is easy to use with a free version. However, its use is limited as it works basically as a Microsoft solution add-on.

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