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What are the realities of starting a business centred on a (complex-ish) website without any technical skills

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    If you want a custom-made website which is my case, you hire offshore developers such as from India on It's like dating and you will stumble before finding the right contractor. In order to communicate with and give instructions to your offshore contractor, you MUST at least know the basics. I suggest you go through all AWS free online courses since Amazon is a leader in cloud computing. Read AWS for...
  2. Find out the technology behind websites

    The most important is to determine your business model first (what you loving doing) which will used as a blueprint to design your website. Then you determine your tech stack. The shortcut is you can use best practice from big players simply by checking with One popular tech stack is LAMP (Lunix OS, Apache server, MySQL database and PHP language). Eventually it has come down to each button, each...