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Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Handshake in 2022

  1. NOTE: Handshake has been discontinued.
    Handshake is the best catalog and sales order app for iPad and iPhone. For sales reps, trade shows, sales people and teams. Top ratings and reviews. Free trial!
    Now the real question. Why look for a Handshake alternative? So, now that Handshake has integrated with Shopify, it leaves thousands of wholesale and manufacturing customers who have depended on Handshake solutions in deep water. Although an integration like this would seem like an extra workforce, this linkage will only boost Shopify's business and will not uplift Handshake's complementary technology into its own product suite.

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  2. A smarter, simpler B2B eCommerce Platform for manufacturers, wholesalers.
    Growmax commerce cloud is an efficient enterprise eCommerce solution for you and your business modules. Growmax aims to provide a powerful yet easy-to-use portal for your customers to place their orders. Here are a few of the ways in which Growmax can impact and bring a positive change to your business:

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  3. BigCommerce provides ecommerce software solutions and shopping cart software for online businesses. Try it free and start selling your products online today!
    ‍BigCommerce is an all-in-one platform that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Regardless of your domain or the products you sell, BigCommerce aims to provide a feature-filled platform with reasonable pricing plans and extensive reporting choices. Some providers offer personalization without developer skills, but BigCommerce delivers on all aspects, making it the best eCommerce platform. This also makes it a prime handshake competitor.

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  4. NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce software.
    ‍NetSuite's Suite eCommerce software offers a wide range of features, and it possesses an order management system that can manage and work with orders from various mediums. NetSuite eCommerce aims to be an all-in-all eCommerce platform that doesn't require the need for integration with other platforms and mediums. It's robust and most suited for more prominent companies and would require some learning time to work with it making it a hard choice for early companies.

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  5. Unified commerce integrated solution for companies to plan, execute & analyze their B2B sales. Find out why the most innovative brands in the world use Pepperi.
    ‍Pepperi is one of the most renowned B2B eCommerce platforms and a great Handshake competitor that offers some of the most vital services, especially for big-name enterprises and consumer goods companies. Some of the promising functionalities include catalog, inventory management, multichannel sale management, SEO management, etc.

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  6. Now is cloud software that makes eCommerce data accessible to everyone in order to build smarter, more effective marketing strategies.

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  7. Prioritize relationships, not just transactions. Find out how Sana Commerce’s e-commerce platform for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics can help you succeed.
    ‍Sana Commerce Cloud is an ERP-integrated e-commerce platform that is designed to help organizations foster lasting relationships with their customers by integrating SAP and eCommerce as a singular entity. This integrated approach eliminates unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by e-commerce solutions. Sana commerce allows end-users to navigate conveniently and streamline web stores.

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  8. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a on-demand e-commerce platform combines the functionality, flexibility and customization capabilities of an in-house application with the operational benefits of the on-demand model.
    ‍The next Handshake alternative on our list is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It is a cloud-based eCommerce software that is acclaimed for its flexibility and scalability. It features merchandising tools such as sorting, filtering, image zooming, and more, allowing customers to browse through products with control. Commerce Cloud also provides inventory management controls within the platform. Its flexibility is structured to accommodate a wide range of business models. It also helps collect visitor/shopper data to customize the shopping experience of individuals or groups.

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  9. Orderwerks is a B2B Online Ordering System For Manufacturers, Distributors and More.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $50.0 / Monthly (Per User)
    ‍Orderwerks is a B2B Sales Order platform, Fulfillment, and Inventory Management Platform that is directed to any business that makes sales with other wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

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  10. 10
    Zoey is a sophisticated yet easy to use eCommerce platform.
    ‍Zoey is a platform that supports B2B and wholesale businesses. Zoey has the ability to take orders anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Zoey also possesses a mobile application to allow the sales team to undertake orders or create sales quotes. It also has a self-service web portal for customers to log in and see personalized product catalog and pricing options. Zoey also gives the customers the ability to place orders and track already placed orders. A virtual admin allows companies to manage their products, customers, and orders. This makes Zoey a complete package

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  11. Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands. Grow your online business with Magento.
    • Open Source
    ‍Built and made for enterprises, Magento offers complete control over your website so that your developer can create a unique web presence while prolonging server autonomy. As a product of Adobe, Magento provides several personalization solutions for big-time companies that plan to scale more. Even though you need a developer to get started with, your non-technical teams will be grateful for the intuitive interface that makes it user-friendly to update and manage your high-volume business. Magento's open-source, free eCommerce software and hosted software is the best bang for the buck for large companies looking to scale further.

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