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The top 19 APM tools in 2020

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  1. Raygun gives developers meaningful insights into problems affecting their applications. Discover issues - Understand the problem - Fix things faster.

    It's Here! Announcing the Release of Appwrite 0.12! about 20 days ago

    Error logging and monitoring are crucial for any application, Appwrite being no exception. We wanted to make it extremely easy to collect and monitor your logs while staying true to our philosophy of being completely platform agnostic. With Appwrite 0.12, we've introduced support for some amazing open source logging providers like Sentry, Raygun and AppSignal!
  2. Application Monitoring that finds what you can't see in charts.

    Understand Django: Go Fast With Django about 6 days ago:

    To see what these tools can be like for free, you might want to check out Datadog which has a free tier (Datadog is not a sponsor, I've just used their service, enjoyed it, and know that it's free for a small number of servers). Other popular vendors include Scout APM and New Relic.
  3. Application Performance Management (APM) for the Enterprise

  4. Get real-time insight from your apps using Application Performance Management—how they’re being used, how they’re performing, where they need help.

  5. Stackify Retrace is an application performance management platform for .NET and Java developers.

    Latest top 21 APM tools [open-source included] 🧑‍💻🚀 about 4 months ago:

    Stackify Retrace is an APM tool that integrates code profiling, error tracking, application logs and more. Some of the key features of the Stackify Retrace includes:.
  6. Cloud-based quality testing, performance monitoring and analytics for mobile apps and websites. Get started with Keynote today!

  7. Loupe is an application performance management platform that enables users to monitor, find, and fix errors when they appear in the applications.

  8. AlertSite is a synthetic monitoring tool for web, apps, and APIs.

  9. Customer journey marketing, data and analytics platform. Send multi-channel campaigns with email, SMS, pop ups and notification support.

    freemium $29.0 / Monthly (2,000 contacts, 8,000 email/month included.)

    Need an alternative to Mailchimp for modest hobby business needs about 9 months ago:

    You could try the free plan allows for up to 2k contacts and 8k emails a month.
  10. Pulseway changes the enterprise monitoring and management game with its mobile management solution.

  11. Mobile App Insights, Right at Your Fingertips: Apteligent helps you create compelling & profitable user experiences in your business critical mobile apps.

  12. SteelCentral EUEM, APM & NPM solutions enable you to understand performance levels, resolve performance issues & service performance.

  13. Real-Time Application & Performance Monitoring

    Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) about 6 months ago: - Beautiful and easy-to-use application and server monitoring with up to 500 metrics and 3 hours of data visibility for free.
  14. SaaS cloud and infrastructure monitoring for businesses that need to take back control of their technology stack. Try it for free.

  15. Foglight enables organizations to identify and resolve performance issues across the applications, databases, and virtual environments.

  16. LogicMonitor is the SaaS performance monitoring platform for the world's best IT teams. Deploy Fast, Monitor More, Improve Ops.

  17. Software performance monitoring

  18. New Relic APM is a powerful solution that helps you to create deploy and maintain great software.

    Wordpress on Kubernetes – Making Friends with FinOps with... about 5 months ago:

    As a good example, I used to work for an e-commerce agency, a huge one in Australia. So we had huge retail customers and clients. What we did is we used to do benchmark load testings and observed be honest, we used New Relic because that time it's like a couple of years ago. We used the New Relic enterprise, I believe was the model. Anyways, fine, but mainly the New Relic APM.
  19. See metrics from all of your apps, tools & services in one place with Datadog's cloud monitoring as a service solution. Try it for free.

    freemium $15.0 / Monthly (per host)

    Datadog on Kubernetes: Avoiding Common Pitfalls about 6 months ago:

    Datadog is a powerful monitoring and security platform that gives you visibility into end-to-end traces, application metrics, logs, and infrastructure. While Datadog has great documentation on their Kubernetes integration, we've observed that there's some missed nuance that leads to common pitfalls.