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Ask HN: Is there a tool / product that enables commenting on HTML elements?

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  1. Edit your website right from the page, and easily send the exact change to engineers to copy/paste.

    When my cofounder Irtefa and I were PMs at Cloudflare we actually searched for a tool like this and when we couldn’t find one we liked, we went out to build it ourselves. Our first attempt was a product that let product teams leave feedback as annotations tied to DOM elements, but what we learned is that product teams have a hard time trusting those comments as the underlying DOM does change (screen & viewport...
  2. a faster hnsearch

    I've actually seen folks post a wiki-style list here of tools in the spirit of your request. The key thing your post is missing is that the word you're looking for is "annotations".
  3. Annotate with anyone, anywhere

  4. Bookmarking for the power users of the web. A privacy focused extension to annotate, search and organize what you've seen online.

    Yes. Only one solving the problem very very well right now. Memex - More generally the open annotations standard is meant to address this use case. Older, now obselete tools like, and peerlibrary* laid a lot of the groundwork.
  5. Sticky note-based feedback collection tool for live websites

    Yes, we used Pastel and it was very nice overall.
  6. BugHerd: The Website Feedback Tool for Agencies

    paid Free Trial $39.0 / Monthly (5 Users, 10 GB Data Storage)

    Bugherd is good for this. Used it extensively when I worked for a web agency and it saved so much time.
  7. Annotate the Internet

    Does Genius Web Annotator still work? I used it years ago and found it pretty handy:
  8. Usersnap is a customer feedback software for SaaS companies that need to constantly improve and grow their products.

    paid Free Trial $69.0 / Monthly (10 team members, 5 feedback projects)

    Https:// could be an option.
  9. Saw a bug? Send an instant replay to engineers. It will come with console logs and everything. Developers will ❤️ you.

    Our QA team uses for testing and reporting bugs internally. Think it's similar to that others have suggested.
  10. ZipBoard is a web-based visual bug tracking & issue tracking tool that helps developers, testers and project managers collaborate during website and elearning development.

  11. Livecycle is the inclusive collaboration platform for product-centric teams. Turn your PRs into collaborative deploy previews for tighter feedback loops and 10x faster delivery speeds.

    Check out Livecycle ( I'm part of the team there and it sounds like it could be the tool you're looking for, since our aim is to make the review process more organized, clear and collaborative for front-end teams. The platform lets teams collaborate on top of PR preview environments where all relevant stakeholders can comment with text, screenshots, video captures, and by easily editing...