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Bespoke Synth 1.0 – open-source software modular synthesizer

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  1. SunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker).

    Https:// I'll have to try Bespoke as well ...
  2. Excel for music producers and sound designers

  3. JUCE is a wide-ranging C++ class library for building rich cross-platform applications and plugins...

    I'm running Debian 11 and it still doesn't run. Thought I'd try build it and... > Use the "Projucer" from to generate solutions/project files/makefiles for building on your platform. eh? Is this really a FOSS project?
  4. Overtone is an open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas from synthesis...

    If you like Haskell you might like Tidal Cycles[1] and if you like Clojure you might like Overtone[2]. [1] [2]
  5. A cross-platform modular synthesizer.

    While I have used modern DAWs in recent years, the music making tool I've used the most was Jeskola Buzz[1], it's a weird mix of music tracker[1] and modular setup[2] (but not modular in the same way a modular synth works, you connect "machines" such as sequencer->generator->effect->[more effects]->mixer). This was when I was a "poor" student and I couldn't spend money on music. Later I could afford real...
  6. A complete free-software Digital Audio Workstation on GNU/Linux that really works - on accessible hardware.

  7. Make music with a free, cross-platform tool