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Ask HN: Alternatives to Google Photos?

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  1. PhotoPrism® is an AI-powered Open Source app for browsing, organizing & sharing your photo collection. You can run it at home, on a private server, or in the cloud.


    If you're willing to self-host, Photoprism[0] is pretty nice and easy to get up and running. It has the flavor of Google Photos, but it's definitely a step down in UX. One of the features I really love about Google Photos is the ability to jump quickly through time. Like if I'm looking for a photo I took around June 2018, I can get to it in <5 seconds. I didn't realize what a magical feature it is until I tried...
  2. With Nextcloud enterprises host their own secure cloud solution for storage, collaboration & communication from any device, anywhere.

    Nextcloud! I can't praise and recommend them enough! You can self-host it, it's license is ASGI, so it's never going away, and it has an app for photos: and another one where you can put all your photos on a map:.
  3. Manage your photo collection with Piwigo. Piwigo is open source photo gallery software for the web. Designed for organisations, teams and individuals.

    My father started his self-hosting journey with a similar need. He went with Piwigo ( that seems to fit his requirements. Not sure I would personally pick that (PHP, documentation misaligned with my concerns...), but it may match others' criteria.
  4. Self hosted alternative to Google Photos . Contribute to hooram/ownphotos development by creating an account on GitHub.

  5. Cryptee is a safety and privacy focused, encrypted and cross-platform personal data storage service. You can write personal documents, notes, journals, store photos and all sorts of other files.

    freemium €3.0 / Monthly (10GB)

  6. Koken is a free web site publishing system developed for photographers, designers, artists and...

  7. Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and...

    Different tool, but this forum post lists some options: Some of the tools recommend are:
  8. is a Image hosting site for sharing images and photos. A very simple clean alternative to Imgur. allows you to sent shorten url links to single photos, which make it ideal for posting image links inside of comments.

    I like to use for sharing images as a link.