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RIP Google Reader

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  1. Feedbin is an RSS reader with a beautiful reading experience.

    paid Free Trial $5.0 / Monthly

    I find almost identical (Feedly feels a bit too different for my liking, but is clearly the most popular) but it also feels like times have moved on and I don't find myself using it in the same way. The blogosphere isn't quite what it was back in the late 00s.
  2. Fast, clean and unique feed reader

    Shout out to, a modern Google Reader replacement and the only SaaS I pay for. I'm not affiliated, just really love it. It's been solid and awesome for me for over 7 years now.
  3. Miniflux is a minimalist web-based RSS reader. It's very easy to use.

    I was a heavy Google Reader user and mourned it for years. A couple years ago, though, I discovered Miniflux [1], and haven't really missed Reader since.

    What I do miss from the Reader days, though, is widespread RSS support. I wonder if the death of such a prominent RSS reader gave sites "permission" to stop supporting RSS, and pushed RSS into further obscurity. Anecdotally, it feels like RSS is a...

  4. An unofficial, alternative interface to Hacker News

    As someone who prefers both chronological river ( AND a metric of popularity (upvotes) nothing beats I wish that design was more common.

    Instead of having higher ranking posts climb to the top, a hotness bar and a popular bar to the left of links is ideal. ...

  5. Read all your favorite online content in one place. Import your subscriptions in one click, find your friends, and start sharing.

  6. A desktop app or browser extension for Firefox or Chrome. You can use it to follow people (hundreds) on whatever platform they choose - Twitter, a blog, YouTube, even on a public TiddlyWiki

    Fraidycat [0] is a very good substitute, plus, it's more streamline


  7. A platform to discover and follow amazing developer blogs 🚀

    I have been building an RSS reader for developers called It's havily integrated with GitHub. It automatically follows the blog of developers as well as organizations you are part of when you sign up. It's been growing steadily over the past 2 years and has over 1200+ users now. Do give it a try!
  8. Digg 1.0 meets the mother of news aggregators

    Not an RSS reader by design, but I'm with — Made by the original Popurls inventor.
  9. Create your own free website. Unlimited creativity, zero ads.

    Some people are trying to build a community here: