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33+ Best No Code Tools you will love 😍

Webflow Paperform Zapier Voiceflow Glide Unstack Airtable Carrd
  1. Build dynamic, responsive websites in your browser. Launch with a click. Or export your squeaky-clean code to host wherever you'd like. Discover the professional website builder made for designers.
    There are some big companies that use Memberstack for various membership based features including the likes of Proof, Makerpad, Alura, Codecrumbs and others. With some of the sites mentioned above, if you use Webflow or considering using Webflow, you can connect Memberstack with your Webflow project and have a membership-based platform in no time. How cool is that?

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  2. A digital Swiss Army Knife for Small Businesses
    You can build forms for pretty much anything. Whether that be taking online bookings, collecting payments (subscriptions with Stripe as an example), or collecting data such as email or survey questions, Paperform can do so.

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    Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. 1000+ apps and easy integrations - get started in minutes.
    Integromat has been often described as the "enterprise" version of Zapier which has over 10,000+ customers and was recently in October 2020 just sold for over $100 million. Whilst Zapier is incredible for any size of business, there's a lot of benefits to integromat which can help you build some incredible workflows.

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  4. Building tech is slow and expensive. Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products.
    Working with developers can be a frustrating process if you're non-technical, and often a very costly process. With Bubble, you can build complex applications in a matter of non time. The opportunity cost of using Bubble to build apps far outweighs going through developers if you're an early stage business.

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  5. Build voice apps in your browser without coding
    Here's why you should consider Voiceflow if you're wanting to build a voice app; - Good UX with the interface. If you've built chatbots before, you should pick this up quickly- Great YouTube channel of video tutorials to accelerate users' learning- Affordable pricing

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  6. 6
    Send lightning fast video messages, see responses live or whenever it's convenient. Get closer to the ones you love with video communication.
    • Open Source
    To accelerate your learning + use case to developing an app, Glide has an amazing template library where you can develop apps for any category. It's super cool! You can also see which templates have been "copied" most to see what others have built using Glide.

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  7. Build high performance websites, blogs, and landing pages that integrate with your existing marketing stack to drive traffic, leads, and sales for your business.
    I personally haven't used Unstack for a real-case scenario just yet, having played within the platform, I can see this can provide a lot of power + save a of a lot time for marketers wanting to build landing pages + websites that convert. Adding integrations suach as Stripe, Klaviyo, etc are also very easy to do. Good amount of templates to choose from also.

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  8. The entire process of running Data Science - building Machine Learning algorithm, explaining results and predicting outcomes, packed in one single click.
    With Obviously AI, you can run complex ML predictions, analytics and look at outcomes of data in very little time (on their site they even say in just one click). It means that even someone with no data science or even deep analytics experience, can run models with ease and gain valuable insights.

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  9. Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.
    I use Airtable everyday and the rest of the team love Airtable too. Personally one of the biggest reasons why we use Airtable was due to the fact we were using Google Sheets/Excel for lots of things and the platform is very much like sheets on steroids and extra superpowers. We use it for marketing, campaign calendars, blog content + much more.

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  10. 10
    Simple, responsive one-page site creator.
    If you're not a marketer, designer or developer and need to build a site which is easy to edit, then Carrd is a great option. I mean, the pricing is amazing too with it being only $19 per year... that's less than $2 per month.

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  11. 11
    The Website Builder for Startups
    What I do like about Umso compared to other landing page/website builders is the process when creating a new site + a powerful visual editor which is easy to use.

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  12. Generate a website from 📗 Google Sheets

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  13. 13
    All-in-one workspace. One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized.
    What's incredible about Notion is the amount of community support + use cases it has. In fact, you can even use Notion as a website/landing page, using tools like Super. Much more recently as well, there's lots of people on Product Hunt + Twitter building open source templates & resource sites such as Notion Pack.

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  14. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.
    What I really do like about Substack is that it's without a doubt the fastest way of building a newsletter where you can build your own community + charge for it. Not only that, they make it so easy. Under "Switch to Substack", you can import via a URL your newsletter from the likes of Mailchimp + other platforms (pretty neat growth hack in my opinion).

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  15. 15
    An all-in-one solution to sell your work and grow your audience.
    Essentially, you can use Gumroad for anything that you want to sell. It's perfect if you're a creator wanting to focus on single items without the need for a website. Some of the top creators in the startup world have been recently turning to Gumroad from what I have seen on Twitter for selling eBooks + info products.

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  16. Learn to build and launch your startup in 30 days, for free
    When it comes to no code education & resources, you can't look past Makerpad. Makerpad is the premier community for no code makers and those wanting to learn more about building projects fast without writing code.

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  17. A free, fast and friendly way to accept donations 💰
    Another very creative & simple solution for internet creators to accept payments is Buy Me A Coffee (which I also include on this site).

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  18. Email marketing software for online creators. We help you earn a living online through an intuitive email marketing automation tool.
    Now back to why ConvertKit is amazing for No Code founders and creators. From what started as an email marketing platform, has now turned into a creator's funnel builder. With ConvertKit, you can build landing pages, build beatifully designed emails, sell products, automate sequences + journeys and integrate other amazing tools to create your desired workflow and journey for customers.I've played around with ConvertKit through a mates account and can say the interface is amazing + functionality. The pricing as well is really good with the features it can provide. I'm still to use ConvertKit as a paid platform for my personal use case but will be very soon as my go-to for a new project I am working on :)

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  19. Nova Code Editor is software that is used for writing and editing codes.
    Coda is a platform that brings together all docs, spreadsheets, data + more into one easy place to store. It's great for growing companies wanting to allocate key information in one place for various team members and departments. What I really like about Coda is some of it's automation + formulas features for use with charts and tables. The UX of these features look great too.

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  20. Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code
    Parabola is a powerful platform that automates key workflows for startups and eCommerce. On their site they mention "At Parabola, we're bringing the power of programming to everyone", and that's exactly what they do. As someone as a marketer ands whilst I have front-end experience, the time + effort it takes to connect integrations together can be enduring. However, Parabola makes this easier.

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  21. 21
    Build apps for every platform, without code ✨
    Building No Code Apps has never been easier with Adalo as a platform of choice. You can build functional, advanced apps with Adalo which honestly can replicate custom code apps you may pay thousands for with a developer.

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  22. 22
    Bringing immersive commerce to the next billion Indians
    Yes, Scapic provides a nocode integration as a solution to then turn product pages into AR (Augmented Reality) experiences. No elaborate photo shoots required either. Just by integrating the tool with your platform of choice for eCommerce (e.g. Shopify, Wix, etc), you can create upgraded product experiences on your site. Honestly, this is just super cool.

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  23. Universe makes it easy for you to create events, sell tickets, and get discovered by your biggest fans, at the touch of a button.
    I have good hopes for Universe to do really well. Whilst it hasn't picked up mainstream as of yet, I think the platform can get there. However, what can you actually achieve from a design? You can check out the examples of websites on Universe in their explore section.

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  24. Automate any part of your business using a single, no code, easy to configure solution. Streamline your processes and automate complex workflows with airSlate.
    From what I can see with airSlate, there's a big focus on integrations with platforms such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Microsoft. Hence, this would be more skewed towards larger businesses/corporations.

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  25. 25
    NOTE: Internal has been discontinued.
    Monitor you and your team's well-being
    Internal is a new platform I've discovered recently that has a lot of potential especially for growth marketers like me. This platform allows you the ability to build internal tools incredibly fast and enables you to perform some key actions + dashboards in a matter of clicks.

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  26. Prototypes just got real - turn figma designs into apps

    #Website Builder #Application Builder #Design Collaboration

  27. Build your online marketplace business. You don't need a developer.
    When it comes to building a marketplace platform, there's a lot of features + functionality to take into account in order to provide a quality CX. Sharetribe helps significantly with being able to provide right off the bat as soon as you sign up with order flow capabilities, profiles/listings, availability/bookings, search engine & filtering, payments, reviews & interactions + much more.

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  28. Tool for workflow automation (Former Integromat)
    One of the key features I like about Integromat is the ability to watch real-time data going throughout each steps of the workflow. Definitely would be amazing when you have a lot of events + users/triggers happening. There are some other advanced features that are really valuable including scheduling, unlimited steps, routers, iterators, functions + more.

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  29. 29
    Build custom apps for your business using your own data. No code required.
    I really like Pory in particular with their transparency around their product roadmap. It's one of the better roadmaps I have seen for similar based products. I'm excited about the upvoting + comment features. Being bale to then build community based sites for niches is something which could be a strong USP for Pory as more people are realising that building community around their industry/business is a great growth strategy.

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  30. Powerful but easy to use, drag-and-drop mobile app builder.
    With testing out Thunkable with a friend, it's a bit of s learning curve at first, but once you get used to the platform, there's a lot of potential to build awesome projects. What I do like that they have done is includes video tutorials (which is pulled in from their YouTube page) to understand specific features/tools to help build your app. Something I think more apps should do.

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  31. AppSheet enables users to create mobile apps instantly for both OS and Android. 
    With AppSheet, you can build applications in minutes that can be used for anything internally within your business + other stakeholders. There are lots of custom solutions out there on the market for various processes that your company adopts, but often they lack certain features of sometimes too costly. This platform makes is affordable to build easy applications without the extra features that other tools may possess.

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  32. The no-code membership platform for any website.
    There are some big companies that use Memberstack for various membership based features including the likes of Proof, Makerpad, Alura, Codecrumbs and others. With some of the sites mentioned above, if you use Webflow or considering using Webflow, you can connect Memberstack with your Webflow project and have a membership-based platform in no time. How cool is that?

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  33. 33
    An intuitive no-code conversational apps builder that combines the benefits of conversational interface with rich UI elements.
    Why Landbot is super cool and worth trying (if you haven't already); - A large suite of features that will get any marketer or founder excited (even developers). Many more features that weren't included in the description above. - A great solution for providing new engaging experiences for users (there's good reason why companies like Uber are using the platform).- Good pricing with available features for the "Starter" plan and higher paying plans. - Numerous templates, tutorials + academy to ensure you build amazing chatbots.

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