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These Flashcard Apps Will Help You Study Better in 2020

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  1. Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

    Midterm Season is Upon Us: Best Memorization Techniques about 1 day ago

    To be clear, the real one is here:
  2. Find, create, and study SMART FLASHCARDS on any device. DOUBLE your learning speed using the most effective study system on the planet. Keep all your content in sync across Brainscape's website and your Android devices.

    I'm forgetting most of the information learnt about about 1 year ago

    Active recall and spaced repetition are some of the best ways to learn long-term. Brainscape is a flashcard application similar to Anki (but we've been told way more user-friendly if that's something you're looking for).
  3. Quizlet allows you to review and create flashcards for a variety of subjects, such as math and reading.

    Study tools about 1 day ago is a little tedious to set up, but I find it useful for classes where I have to memorize a bunch of facts. The very act of setting it up, helps me learn the subject.
  4. CP

    Chegg Prep

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  5. Cram is an app for Android, Windows and Apple devices that allows you to search for flashcards in a range of topics to study for an upcoming test or to learn new information. Read more about Cram.

    Are grammar books a waste of time when you are at a certain... about 3 months ago

    I don't use Anki but I used to make my own flash cards when I first started using lol.