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6 Best Flashcard Apps to improve Visual Memory

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  1. Duolingo is a free language learning app for iOS, Windows and Android devices. The app makes learning a new language fun by breaking learning into small lessons where you can earn points and move up through the levels. Read more about Duolingo.

    Why do I get redirected to ''? about 16 days ago

    I always get redirected to '' on the web version. The only way I've found to go back to the normal site is to log out, go to '', and then log back in. If you reload the page, you'll get redirected again.
  2. Quizlet allows you to review and create flashcards for a variety of subjects, such as math and reading.

    Is Quizlet down? about 14 days ago

    Can't gain access to today at 2 p.m. Until now. Any ideas.
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  4. Find and study online flashcards and class notes at home or on your phone. Visit StudyBlue today to learn more about how you can share and create flashcards for free! Study ToolsStudyBlue is your online home to store lecture notes and make .

  5. Cram is an app for Android, Windows and Apple devices that allows you to search for flashcards in a range of topics to study for an upcoming test or to learn new information. Read more about Cram.

    How do u remember dates for history subjects about 5 months ago

    Use flashcards. I used and made a bunch of cards to memorise stats, dates and quotes.
  6. Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

    Self taught 4 years of near daily study using Anki and recap about 1 day ago

    Https:// desktop client and phone app with cloud sync.
  7. Find, create, and study SMART FLASHCARDS on any device. DOUBLE your learning speed using the most effective study system on the planet. Keep all your content in sync across Brainscape's website and your Android devices.

    finding flashcards-admn 232 about 6 months ago

    You may try Brainscape ( and you can create free flashcards =).
  8. An easy to use full featured flashcard study app with many question types.