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The Best 2FA Apps 2021: Locking Down Your Online Accounts

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  1. Best rated Two-Factor Authentication smartphone app for consumers, simplest 2fa Rest API for developers and a strong authentication platform for the enterprise.

    Is 2FA necessary every time you login on the mobile app? about 8 days ago

    What 2FA app are you using, I use and it's extremely fast and easy to authenticate my login. I don't even need to type/copy and paste the numbers.
  2. Google Authenticator is a multifactor app for mobile devices.

  3. andOTP is a two-factor authentication App for Android 4.4+

  4. LastPass is an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure.

  5. One app to quickly and securely verify your identity online, for all of your accounts.

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  6. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

    paid Free Trial $36.0 / Annually

    "What the heck is a Yubikey and why did I buy one?": A user... about 2 days ago:

    It does have the benefit of being compatible with everything, I guess, but... At least use a password manager or something instead! There's Keepass, 1password, LastPass, BitWarden- and those are just the ones I could remember on top of my head while typing this line!
  7. Authenticator Plus generates 2-step verification codes and lets you synchronize your accounts.

  8. Open source implementation of the two-factor authentication HOTP and TOTP schemes.

  9. Security key with dual support for USB-C and Lightning

  10. A 2FA device to protect yourself from hackers