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Top 10 Digital Whiteboard Software for Team Collaboration

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  1. The canvas where ideas, content, & people come together.

  2. Interactive Business Whiteboard | G Suite

    Apple launches Freeform: a powerful new app designed for... about 3 months ago:

    I'm surprised at the lack of comparisons to the Jamboard ( Even the promotional images look similar. Also, while not explicitly targeting collaboration, v3 of the Remarkable firmware has added an endless canvas feature which has been nice.
  3. MURAL is a visual collaboration workspace for modern teams.

    Recommendation for mindmaps about about 1 month ago

    For instance, is pretty good. However, it doesnt have the feature I described with which you can colapse knots od your mindmap.
  4. Crayon market and competitive intelligence tools provide insights and inspiration for marketing, sales, and product management.

  5. A real-time whiteboard for your team. No signups required.

    Drawing in Notion about 26 days ago

    Yes, sort of. You can embed a whiteboard in Notion which would then allow you to draw. For example, go to, click share at the top right hand corner, then head back to your Notion page, type /embed and paste that link.
  6. Instant Whiteboards for Teams & Projects

    Tools for retrospective about about 1 year ago:

    We used and for quite a while, before we switched to
  7. Anonymous real-time whiteboard with text and video chat.

    Can you use Discord alongside a few lightweight apps on the... about 2 months ago

    I'm in search of a new work laptop, and am trying to decide whether the Pinebook Pro will meet my needs. The most demanding thing I'll need to do over it will be to conduct an audio call over Discord (one-on-one) while using a collaborative whiteboard app (the website, specifically).
  8. Simple Online Whiteboard

  9. RealtimeBoard is an online collaboration software created as a team collaboration and online brainstorming tool. It's super easy to use & free!

  10. Ziteboard is an zoomable online whiteboard that lets team to collaborate in real-time.

    How well supported are Wacom Intuos tablets? about 10 months ago:

    Specifically I'm planning to use Ziteboard which is a web application.