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The Weather Channel and provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage

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  • New Google Weather is a standalone app, integrate with Clock
    The weather channel is actually the IBM weather I am talking about. Yes they both uses the same API but now it's a separate website which is a hassle to go. I used to think that accuweather shows the most accurate weather until I come the know that google uses api aka ibm api (I bought my first android phone in 2019 so I had no knowledge of this google stuff). Source: 1 day ago
  • There's still chance of rain for Monaco GP.
    According to the rain risk for the race window has significantly reduced since yesterday evening. Source: 5 days ago
  • Wet race no longer forecast for Monaco GP :( still shows rain from 10am to 2pm. Source: 5 days ago
  • What’s the weather like?
    We are on our last day of our week long vacation in St. Thomas. The weather report said it would rain every day. It rained 1 day and we still went to Magen's Bay (practically empty and only had to sit through about an hour of sprinkles) and was cloudy 1 other day. The accuweather app was wrong every single day and wasn't much better. I definitely wouldn't pay attention to the forecast. It is just... Source: 11 days ago
  • Carrot weather on Mac?
    Just fire up the builtin weather app or open a browser and go to / accuweather or whatever. None of these apps actually get their own weather data. They just scrape it from multiple public sites like NOAA. Just my 2 cents worth. Save your money! Source: 11 days ago
  • Email/text updates on the weather for a particular day?
    My wedding's on June 3rd, and I'm pretty nervous about the ~60% chance of rain that's currently forecast. Is there an app or service that will send you a daily update of the weather forecast for specific date in the future? It'd help put my mind at ease so that I'm not compulsively checking all the time. Thanks in advance! Source: 11 days ago
  • New weather app eating all my RAM
    Just go to when you need to know the humidity\) before jerking off. Source: 15 days ago
  • Soooo, weather for next races?
    Looking at, I see chance of showers in Monaco and Barcelona pretty much every day. Does that jibe with what locals see? Also, I know Monaco, but would Barcelona get muddy? Gotta start planning clothing, etc. If it weren't such a hassle, I'd ship monaco clothing home lol. Source: 15 days ago
  • Looks like rain might be happening…
    It's from so I assume it is. Source: 16 days ago
  • Weather app
    Literally, just in a mobile browser window. Source: 19 days ago
  • Weather forecasts
    I am planning to go in a few weeks, am looking at the weather report. It says 58% chance of rain, like EVERYDAY. Is this accurate? Is it raining every day of the week? Using Merritt Island as the location. Or should I disregard the forecast?? Source: 20 days ago
  • Now that Windows ruined the Weather app, What are some alternative Weather apps?
    That was the only app I trusted. I think from now on, I will just use I'm not installing anything. Source: 25 days ago
  • Why is apple weather so innacurate?
    I built weather website for my town using data from which was apple's source of data. Idk if they are using it still, but it was not so accurate so I coupled it with radar + infrared pictures so I can have deeper insight if it was going to rain or not. Its really hard to get data hour-by-hour for smaller cities because they usually don't do that kind of forecasting. Source: 21 days ago
  • mobileX Review
    A customer service representative responded the next day and mentioned the ticket was passed to him because he was the Pixel expert. The CSR told me that there was a known issue and asked me to disable my other line. I did so, and mobileX worked slightly better. I could still not even launch the mobileX app. Speedtests never worked. I would attempt to browse Twitter and going to on Chrome wouldn't... Source: 21 days ago
  • Is anyone else’s Apple Weather app convinced it’s going to rain the next hour every hour?
    I've never been super enthusiastic about the forecasts from (where Apple gets it's data), I prefer to rely on the state of Randby's sleeves :). Source: 21 days ago
  • It’s been “storming” for the last 5 days on apple weather. Not a cloud in sight all week.
    The thing is, the iPhone app is always wrong for me, but when I tap on the widget and it takes me to it seems to be very accurate. No idea how they screwed it up. Source: 23 days ago
  • San Diego Roadtrip in June
    That is a LOT of driving when there is so much good camping IN San Diego County, but the way I plan my CA trips is using to look at the monthly average weather for that month in the previous year, in as close to the right location (including elevation, which makes a huge difference in CA) as possible. Source: 22 days ago
  • When does the rain starts in Goa and number of tourists go down ?
    Goa is very special. In Goa, rains do not start at the same time as the rest of western India. Our monsoon dates are also kept secret, they are not published on wikipedia and, and are not easily found on Google. Source: 25 days ago
  • Weather
    Its a tiny island surrounded with strong winds and currents. The weather can shift from one second to the next. I typically rely on "google weather" which uses as a source. Source: 26 days ago
  • Repeat yesterday today and copy and paste
    Why does the Storm Prediction Center have us in a marginal risk for tomorrow (Sat.?) The hourly forecast on and only show possible thunderstorms at 5 a.m. Sat. Morning but the text says "A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible" Sat. night. When is the time frame for the marginal risk the Storm Prediction Center is talking about? Trying to plan my Saturday, thanks. Source: 28 days ago
  • Weather Forecast
    I use Atlantic Highlands in the weekly "Who is visiting" post simply because I that was the closest locale I could find on Accuweather (I dont like Source: about 1 month ago

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