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Trusted Contacts

Let your loved ones locate you with Trusted Contacts by Google.

Top 12 Trusted Contacts Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. Glympse

    Glympse is the easy way to safely share your location in realtime. No sign-up needed.

  2. Find My Friends

    Use Find My Friends to keep track of your traveling companions when you’re on vacation.

  3. Life360 Family Locator

    Life360 helps manage the chaos of your daily family life and lets you know:

  4. Pathshare

    Pathshare is a beautiful app that helps you share your path in realtime.

  5. GeoZilla

    GeoZilla is the unique combination of AI, geolocation technologies and hardware solutions to keep your family safe

  6. Hemisphere

    Do you miss Google Latitude? Hemisphere is here to help.

  7. Zenly

    Zenly is a GPS tracker to locate your friends in realtime.

  8. foursquare

    Foursquare is all about helping you find new ways to explore your city.

  9. Mapple.me

    Mapple.me bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social...

  10. ZoSpy

    ZoSpy is the most powerful mobile spy software allows you to keep monitor and track of all the...

  11. LockOnMe

    LockOnMe is a location-sharing app, displaying targets and associated Points Of Interest on maps & fun radars.