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  • Do I have to consider Flutter App as any other web app like React or HTML? To consider the code can be viewed by users?
    However! A determined user can still do something like load the app on a phone in an Android or iOS simulator, then watch all outgoing API calls and basically reverse-engineer how things work. This is how Teller wrote their system -- they loaded up bank apps onto a simulator and basically reverse-engineered the API for the various banks. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Anyone aware of an SDK/service to connect to bank accounts and credit card transactions?
    I haven’t used it and I couldn’t find their pricing, but there is also Teller. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Update 1.5 for YNAB alternative OpenBudgeteer now available
    Have you considered integration with a free api to import transactions? Source: about 2 years ago
  • Launch HN: Realize (YC W22) – Integrate brokerage accounts into your site or app
    Congrats on the launch! I'm the CEO and co-founder of that uses private mobile banking APIs to provide access to bank accounts too, and you're right it's the way to go. We don't think regulation or OAuth based APIs will ever yield an improvement on this approach (explained why here - You're going to quickly find out that these API endpoints are... - Source: Hacker News / about 2 years ago
  • Account and Identity Verification Tools
    I’d also check out as well. Source: over 2 years ago
  • Show HN: Connect your bank account to Google Sheets
    I got it mixed up with Teller , which is an alternative to Plaid, and whose CEO was rooting for Miami and lambasting SF, along with posting other controversial opinions - Source: Hacker News / almost 3 years ago
  • Post Mortem: Incorrect Cache Configuration Exposes Personal Information
    > This was deemed in violation of antitrust laws for some reason My best guess at what that "some reason" may be is that it breaks shoddily built integrations like [Teller](, which, instead of using schemes like Open Banking where available, simply rely on credential sharing. - Source: Hacker News / almost 3 years ago
  • [QUESTION] Technically evaluating, what is better or architecturally more robust? Plaid or Teller
    For reference, both Plaid and Teller are fintech APIs to connect bank accounts to apps. They take very different approaches to the task. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • API Request Formatting Question
    Firstly, from the name it looks like that token is a test one but seeing as it doesn't match up with the example I saw on, please ensure it does not lead to your account and if it does please edit and remove it immediately. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Bank of England Statement on Central Bank Digital Currency
    > Please tell me how I can transfer one pound from me to you using a 20 line Python script? That's what people mean by digital currency. It’s been a few years so I don’t remember the details, but I’ve written Python that was about that simple using Teller[0] without any problems. Didn’t need a digital currency or direct access to the Open Banking API, just used normal Pounds Sterling and normal bank accounts. [0]... - Source: Hacker News / almost 3 years ago
  • Show HN: Freemium Alternative to Plaid in Europe
    If they have been operating for six years, they really went all the way out on minimalism. Their website barely have any information about how it works and what are the requirements. List of supported countries and banks is also absent. Is maybe not the main page? - Source: Hacker News / about 3 years ago

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