1. At Mixmax, our mission is to change how the world communicates. We’re an email productivity platform that helps sales, customer success, and recruiting teams do their jobs better.

  2. Rip and share .sketch files on any OS in one click πŸ’Ž

  3. Color Scheme Designer

  4. Create email signature that tells when your email is read.βœ‰οΈ

  5. Compress huge Sketch files in an instant

  6. Hyper-personalized emails for E-commerce

  7. A color palette generator powered by deep learning.

  8. Renoise is a digital audio workstation.

  9. Prototyping & collaboration for PS Artboards by InVision

  10. Make music with NodeBeat, the intuitive and fun visual music app for all ages.

  11. VJ software made for working with gif images.

  12. Vocus.io is a productivity tool for Gmail available as a Chrome extension.