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  • Show HN: LookAway – My first native macOS app to combat digital eye strain
    Nice job, I think below software are good for windows user too. - Source: Hacker News / 9 months ago
  • LPT request: how to protect your eyesight if you have to use a screen for 12-14 hours a day?
    A similar piece of software (which I use and can recommend) is Stretchly. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Buy a good monitor if you care about your eyes!
    Stretchly is a free open-source cross-platform app that automatically forces you to take breaks, get a glass of water, stand up, look into the distance, move your head, etc. I use it every day and it’s awesome. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Game Developers: How Are You Staying Healthy While Sitting for Long Hours?
    Break time reminder apps like stretchly or workrave. Source: over 1 year ago
  • How to take care of your Health as a Developer
    Take breaks every 20-30 mins. You can use any app to remind you of breaks. I personally used Strechly when I was on Windows, it is a great app for this purpose. On Linux, I use Safe Eyes, same concept, just some UI changes, and more features. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Pop up, full screen reminders?
    I'm not sure if you're also looking into a similar thing for your computer but these are some ones that I've used in the past! They've been real helpful as well for reminders to stretch, hydrate, etc Https:// Https:// Source: almost 2 years ago
  • LPT request: How to reduce eye strain if working a job where you must be on a computer all day?
    I use this free stretchly app and it has worked well for me: Source: almost 2 years ago
  • What is your healthy WFH daily routine?
    Might want to install this app Stretchly that reminds you to take breaks periodically. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Looking for apps to increase Productivity
    For desktop/laptop I've been using Stretchly to limit screen time. It pops a blank screen every 20min or so. You can allow override or not. For me it works surprisingly well. Forces me to get up the desk. Works on all major OSs and it's free and open source. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Setting up a Mac for Development
    There is also a cross platform break timer call Stretchly. I have not used it but a lot of people have recommended it. - Source: / almost 2 years ago
  • when a programmer takes break.
    Personally, I can recommend stretchly - neat, customizable, cross-platform, and most importantly - it blocks screen(s). I have it set as:. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Show HN: To prevent dry eyes and back pain, I create a macOS app
    Check out Stretchly as well: "Stretchly is a cross-platform open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working on your computer." It's open source, binaries are available for macOS, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, and supports custom prompt text for whatever action(s) you want to do regularly. - Source: Hacker News / about 2 years ago
  • LPT: If you spend most of the day on a computer, follow the rule of 20s.
    Utlities like Stretchtly are quite useful for that. Source: about 2 years ago
  • The Dark Side of Software Development
    You can download Stretchly the break time reminder app ( It is also open source!). - Source: / over 2 years ago
  • How many hours do you sit at your computer while developing your projects/games
    Get outside (an increase in time spent outdoors was found to have a protective effect for the onset of myopia). Get a break timer and listen to it. Get an ergonomic setup (keyboard, mouse/trackball, chair, monitor arm, backlight). Source: almost 3 years ago
  • I tried to avoid surfing the web today. I realized that my life is so boooooring without the internet, not only that, I feel very lonely if I can't allow myself to write to people like here on Reddit
    I use Stretchly. Another similar application to consider is WorkRave, which tracks your productivity time. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • I made a spreadsheet of free Mac Apps I use — check it out and recommend more!
    Stretchly, a customizable break reminder. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Reinventing my weekly planners [a few approaches that worked for me]
    There are things like EyeLeo, Workrave, Eyes Relax, and most recently, Stretchly (free, open source, windows, mac, linux) that can be configured to be silent - they're mostly meant as reminders to rest your eyes, but they're equally useful for "oh shit I've been looking at houseboat prices for 20 minutes already". And in case of Stretchly it can go away with just pressing Ctrl-X on windows, so nobody has to know... Source: over 3 years ago
  • What are your tips and tricks for staying on task while WFH?
    As an aside to my normal duties, I'm an ergonomics consultant at my university, which includes workplace performance (from both a physical and mental context). I suggest that folks use a system to force intentional breaks to support both contextual performances; personally, I use (and recommend) Stretchly. Source: over 3 years ago
  • How do you deal with computer use headaches and eye strain? Do you just accept the pain and power through it?
    I use this app, you can set timers and it will remind you periodically to take break and I find it really helps Source: over 3 years ago
  • How do you stop slacking off during the workday? (wfh)
    I've been using this app Stretchly: It reminds you to take regular breaks. It's easier to slack off when you schedule it. Source: over 3 years ago

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