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  3. Comments is a multiplayer online video game. Players control an avatar resembling a worm, which consumes multicolored pellets, both from other players and ones that naturally spawn on the map in the game, to grow in size.

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SLITHER.IO | AppSpy Review

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  • Move your mouse pointer with hand gestures
    There is a game called (Link) I enjoy playing. It’s kinda hard playing from my phone (curse my small hands and the huge phone) and playing it using the built-in touchpad of my laptop is not something comfortable either. This is how the idea of a virtual mouse came to my mind. - Source: / 7 days ago
  • I've made a 2D multiplayer bullet heaven/hell inspired by Snake and Magicka. This is my first trailer, please destroy the trailer and the game!
    I'd say if anything the trailer doesn't really get across that you have Magicka elements in it- if I had to make a guess pretending I'm fresh off the street- I'd say your game is like with shooting. Source: 8 days ago
  • It sucks that Snake IO isn’t multiplayer…
    For almost the same game but with multiplayer, check out the original - Source: 14 days ago
  • Can't choose any nickname
    The browser is assuming that the site is https when it's actually http. Clear your cache or use a different browser and use Source: 15 days ago
  • Whats going on
    I was playing on this mod called NTL mod, and the craziest thing happened, these army of worms were colliding through eachother! How is this even possible? When you touch someone you usually die, someone explain please! Source: 16 days ago
  • not working
    Doesnt work for me either, but I did discover another game called little big snake thats very similar, better in some ways. anyway, the devs of havent updated their pages for yeeeaars now. Source: 19 days ago
  • What are some important Software for budding PC enthusiasts?
    Nothing. When you actually need a program for something it takes two seconds to find. But nothing is important enough to actively keep around. When you play a game youre not going to be actively scanning for viruses while writing notes while running a bootup app discerning what you want on startup while reading an ebook while adjusting fan speeds after overclocking and scanning registeries for errors. Youll be too... Source: about 1 month ago
  • My day
    My day today was great because I was just chilling playing and looking at reddit posts. Source: about 1 month ago
  • Teaching proper technology use
    I just got a call from the school about my 8-year old once again inappropriately using his school computer. This is the 3rd time, so they're taking it for the rest of the school year. They have done lots of education about what is and is not appropriate to do, and he knows what he should do (stay on the right assignment/websites) and not to do (try to play or watch youtube) but he just keeps doing it. Source: about 1 month ago
  • is not opening
    - Head to - On Chrome, click on the small padlock icon next to the address in the address bar - Click "Site Settings" - Scroll down until you see "Insecure Content" on the left - Use the corresponding drop down menu on the right to change to Allow (Block is default) - Restart Chrome, head to and enjoy! Source: about 1 month ago
  • is not opening
    Is it only me or others also facing the same problem? Why I can't open When I am trying to open the tab shuttering. Source: about 1 month ago
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again 😂
    He thinks he's back in gotta get that big rainbow. Source: about 2 months ago
  • Slither won't start, infinite wiggly arrows
    Find and delete cookies for it. Source: about 2 months ago
  • Slither won't start, infinite wiggly arrows
    Are you a member of the Discord? Link in the sidebar of this Reddit. I'm far more active there as Cursed Pellets/WORM Pellets. Source: about 2 months ago
  • School browser games starterpack
    My school district blocked y8 and deviantart, which was a shame because those were the main sites I went on for games. The next best thing was coolmath, and before they blocked io games too, which was weird because they weren't at all inappropriate. Source: about 2 months ago
  • I used to be a big Youtuber. I quit YouTube 6 years ago. I have over 150 million views. AMA
    Yes! I did upload a couple videos. It was a fun game. I didn't enjoy it as much as though. Source: 2 months ago
  • whats the deal with slither's client and server communication?
    Anyone can 'serve' himself whatever 'game client' he wants via self hosted and dns, via browser domain mapping (I have a skeletal webpage just to trigger my mod loading), or via browser mod extension or any combination of the above. Source: 2 months ago
  • What game is the prime example of "Great Idea but terrible execution" ?
    Spore!!!!!! That game was so much fun.. Its probably why I like so much.. Source: 2 months ago
  • IKEA, u ok?
    Everyone gangsta till u see on an ikea sign. Source: 3 months ago
  • What absolute abomination do you make
    Hekaton land train, except somehow you can make it so long the enemy straight up can't move through it and it turns the whole game into basically just Source: 3 months ago
  • Why can't I play on chrome?
    I used to use firefox and it worked fine too. But that was on my old PC. I don't feel like installing a whole other browser just to play . Thanks for the tip tho! I appreciate the help! Source: 3 months ago

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