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We understand that links are the bloodstream of the Internet and that they help people find useful information. So, we allow and encourage links to relevant articles, websites and products. However, in order to avoid SPAM content and reduce product comparison bias, we do not allow referral and affiliate links.

Our goal is to build mutually beneficial cooperation with authors apt to write quality content. What you are getting as an author here is a quality tribune to post your content, express your opinion and mention the products you find useful.

Consequently, we will use your posts as signals to improve our lists of alternatives. Please note that content posted on SaaSHub is licensed under "CC BY-SA 4.0"

Posts on SaaSHub go through a review process. Following our guidelines is the surest way to get it approved. Although we don't guarantee approval, we strive to be liberal.

Follow this to get your post approved:

  • Unique content with focus on software products that are present on SaaSHub.
  • Do not use affiliate links.
  • Either mention two (or more) similar or competitor products.
  • OR post something about a product you have verified.

You will need an active SaaSHub account with a profile photo and a short bio set.

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