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Product vendors

This section is for product vendors that would like to promote their software, apps and websites on SaaSHub.
Following the steps listed below will help you promote a product here.

1. Approval

Please note that all submitted products go through an approval process.
Software development agencies are not accepted.

What kind of products are we accepting?

  • SaaS, IaaS & PaaS products and services
  • Most software products and apps
  • Mobile apps (with decent websites)
  • Websites and services that are leaders in a specific niche (e.g. Airbnb)

Sometimes we could be a bit too liberal or relaxed when approving products. However, we preserve the right to reject or remove products even if they have been approved already.

By continuing you agree with the terms of service and privacy policy of the website.

Products with more identified competitors are approved first. Having that in mind, if you want to speed up and process, please identify all products or websites that could be replaced by the one you are submitting.

2. Verification

By verifying your product, you get the ability to edit its listing on SaaSHub. Moreover, every time you verify it, it will appear on the homepage (give that it's been approved). Once you have verified a service, you will be receiving a quarterly email reminder to confirm that all details are up to date.

3. Identified Competitors

Every time you identify a new competitor to your product, yours will be highlighted on the homepage. Your service will also show up on their SaaSHub listing page as a verified alternative.

4. Reviews

You can invite your customers to leave you genuine reviews. When a user posts a review of your product, it will be highlighted on the homepage. Products with good user reviews gain social proof, and that makes them more enticing for customers to buy or start using.

5. Featured Products

Featured products will be promoted on various sections of the sebsite: our homepage, the featured section accessable from the top nav, contextually on the pages of relevant categories and products. This is paid option and a great way to boost your product's presence on SaaSHub. Learn more →