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SIGNL4 Reviews

SIGNL4 adds critical mobile alerting to your services and systems in no time. It bridges the ‘last mile’ from IT systems, machines and sensors to engineers, IT staff and workers ‘in the field’.

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    Great app for mobile alerting

    With this system we have very good mobile alerting with manager escalation, time scheduling and auto calling when analyst don't confirm alert.

    👍 Pros:    Easy to use|Easy integration|Shift scheduling|Can create teams|Manager escalation
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    The App we've been searching for over 2 years!

    I have been looking for an app like this for over 2 years! Finally, an emergency alert app that gives persistent notifications, and can work with iOS to even alert you when you have Do Not Disturb enabled. Since this app allows a variety of choices for the persistent alert, including a phone call from a consistent phone number, I can set the SIGNL4 phone number as a favorite in my contacts, and then my alert comes through even if I set the phone to DND (and allow favorites in the DND settings). This allows me to sleep without interruption unless there is a true emergency! This app does so much more also, scheduling team members, making sure someone is always on duty, and even making provision for unanswered alerts to be escalated to a manager after a set time frame. We use it at our Church for an emergency. What I really love is that a parishioner calls in to our church phone system and leaves a voicemail in our emergency voicemail box, then my phone emails the voicemail to SIGNL4 app and after the alert, there is the voicemail accessible by a PLAY button within the app! Thank you SIGNL4, you have thought of everything!

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