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ScreenRec is free, lightweight software that enables the user to record or take the screenshot of the screen.

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ScreenRec - Free Screen Capture for developers,support,projects [indepth review]

ScreenRec - Simple Screen Capture Tool (Free, No Watermark, No Lag) - Full Tutorial

screenrec review part 1


  1. User avatar
    Great for Sharing

    One of the essential things I was looking for in a screen recorder was cloud storage and ScreenRec has nailed it. ScreenRec is very efficient when it comes to cloud recording. It automatically saves the output file on its cloud as you're recording. This means you don't have to upload the file anywhere as ScreenRec does it for you on its servers. Simply share the automatically generated link with anyone and they can access the recording. You can also add annotations and comments to further explain the video which comes quite handy.

    馃憤 Pros:    Free to use|Free cloud storage|Lightweight|Limited editing tools
    馃憥 Cons:    No live streaming features
  2. User avatar
    A perfect tool!

    ScreenRec is perfect for all types of screencasting, including recording gameplay. Being a free screen recording application, you'd expect it to be stripped of crucial features but it doesn't disappoint even for professional users. There are no time restrictions when recording, cloud storage is available, and the video and audio output is in high-definition. Moreover, I love the fact that it's free from watermarks which is very important for content creation.

    馃憤 Pros:    Hd screen recording|No watermark|Cloud storage|Simple and clear interface
  3. AngellaWilliams avatar
    ScreenRec is Very Helpful in Customer Support

    ScreenRec shines as a pivotal tool for customer support teams, enabling quick and clear communication through screen captures. It streamlines troubleshooting by allowing support agents to record step-by-step solutions that customers can follow at their own pace.

    馃弫 Competitors: FlashBack Screen Recorder
    馃憤 Pros:    Free basic plan|No watermark|Free cloud storage of 2gb|Lightweight
  4. Kahrin Probst avatar
    Streamlined Screen Recording Across Platforms

    ScreenRec emerges as a streamlined solution for screen recording, notable for its lightweight design and compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Linux. This tool offers a hassle-free experience for capturing screen content, catering to a broad audience without the need for complex setups. For users completing the registration process, ScreenRec provides an additional advantage of 2GB cloud storage, facilitating easy storage and access to recordings. This feature underscores ScreenRec's commitment to enhancing user convenience and efficiency in screen recording tasks.

    馃弫 Competitors: BandiCam, OBS Studio 1, TinyTake
    馃憤 Pros:    Cross-platform compatibility with mac, windows, and linux|Free to use|Cloud storage|Lightweight
    馃憥 Cons:    No live streaming features
  5. User avatar
    I like it because we can share screen recordings with ScreenRec effortlessly

    ScreenRec stands out with its instant private sharing feature, enabling users to capture and share screen recordings with a unique link instantly, streamlining collaboration and communication.

    馃憤 Pros:    Instant private link sharing|Hd screen recording|No watermark|Lightweight|Secure
    馃憥 Cons:    Limited editing tools
  6. User avatar
    A Beginner鈥檚 Best Friend: ScreenRec's Easy Capture

    What makes ScreenRec different from other free screen recorders is its user-friendly interface, making it a preferred choice for those who are new to screen recording. It鈥檚 an ideal tool for anyone who requires a quick, efficient way to record content without getting bogged down in complicated settings or configurations.

    馃憤 Pros:    Quick integration setup|Easy user interface|Fast|Very lightweight|No time restrictions|No watermark
  7. User avatar
    User-Friendly Yet Feature-Rich Screen Recorder

    ScreenRec stands out for its intuitive interface, making it easy even for beginners to start recording in seconds. Its features like instant sharing and minimal system resource usage are truly commendable. On the flip side, it lacks advanced editing options, meaning you might need an additional tool for post-recording tweaks.

    馃憤 Pros:    Easy user interface|Easy to use|Works with windows and linux|Lightweight|Records without watermark
    馃憥 Cons:    Limited editing tools
    A Commendable Companion in Digital Workflow

    Navigating through the complexities of visual communication, ScreenRec has proven to be an ally, delivering crisp and clear recordings effortlessly. A testament to functionality, it has noticeably amplified my digital interaction experience.

    馃弫 Competitors: Loom, OBS Studio 1, BandiCam
    馃憤 Pros:    No watermark|Free|No time limit|Cloud storage|Hd screen recording|Compatible with windows and linux|Compatible with mac
  9. User avatar
    ScreenRec is Indeed A Remarkable Screen Recording Solution

    ScreenRec has proven to be an outstanding tool for creators, offering high-quality recording with no time restrictions. The intuitive interface makes capturing content a breeze, and the ability to share recordings effortlessly is the icing on the cake. A must-have for anyone in need of a reliable screen recording solution.

    馃弫 Competitors: BandiCam, ShareX, OBS Studio 1, Ezvid
    馃憤 Pros:    Captures screenshots|Records without watermark|Hd screen recording|Lightweight|Works with windows and linux
  10. User avatar
    ScreenRec - A Game-Changer for Freelancers

    I'm a freelancer by profession. I've tried numerous screen recording tools, but none of them come close to ScreenRec. It's incredibly easy to use and has all the features I need to create high-quality video tutorials and demonstrations for my clients. The ability to record my screen, webcam, and microphone simultaneously is a game-changer, and the option to share my videos instantly with a link is a huge time-saver. Overall, ScreenRec is a must-have tool for any freelancer looking to up their game.

    馃弫 Competitors: BandiCam, Snagit, Screencast-O-Matic
    馃憤 Pros:    Easy to use|Record screen, webcam, and microphone simultaneously|High-quality video recording|Records without watermark
    Engage Your Students with ScreenRec: A Teacher's Perspective

    As a teacher, I have found ScreenRec to be an invaluable tool for creating instructional videos for my students. The software is very easy to use and the recordings always turn out great. I love that I can easily share the videos with my students and they can watch them at their own pace. Overall, ScreenRec has been a huge help in making my teaching more effective and engaging.

    馃憤 Pros:    No watermark|Very lightweight|Free|Screen recorder|Screenshot recorder|Screen recording
    ScreenRec Is Perfect for Customer Support

    I work in customer support and I use ScreenRec to create video tutorials and product manuals for our customers. It's an efficient way to solve day to day customer problems and explain complex issues. Thanks to ScreenRec for offering simple and effective way to support their customers.

    馃憤 Pros:    Free to use|No watermark|Records in hd|Ad free|Works for windows and linux
  13. User avatar
    I Like The Role of ScreenRec as Communication Tool for Remote Teams

    ScreenRec is the perfect solution for remote teams that need to share information quickly and efficiently. The screen recording feature is easy to use and the videos are always high-quality. ScreenRec has made communication easier for us, especially when we need to send feedback in video or image format. ScreenRec's simplicity and effectiveness make it a standout screen recording and communication tool which delivers without any fuss.

    馃憤 Pros:    Hd screen recording|No watermark|Simple but powerful|Works with windows and linux|Video email|Good for remote teams|Video recording
    馃憥 Cons:    Not available for mac
  14. User avatar
    I Use ScreenRec To Train New Users

    ScreenRec isn't only a screen recorder but it can be used for training purposes. With it, I record short instructional videos and then share the url with all new users. During pandemic days we started using it and still using this free screen recorder.

    馃憤 Pros:    Easy to use|Easy user interface|Lightweight|Free|Cloud storage|Works with windows and linux|Create snapshot|Pc screen recording
    馃憥 Cons:    Not available on mac computer
    ScreenRec is a Good Tool For Sales Teams To Coordinate with Customers

    Normally people take ScreenRec as a screen recorder only while we use it to create short instructional videos for our clients or in order to communicate with them by sending video messages. I rate ScreenRec as one of the best free screen recorders for Windows.

    馃憤 Pros:    Video messaging|Sales communication app|Very lightweight|Easy user interface|Captures screenshots|Pc screen recording
  16. User avatar
    Free Cloud Storage by ScreenRec For Every Free User

    The best thing about ScreenRec is that it is not only free but gives you a few features which even paid services don't offer. For instance the free cloud storage of 2GB for every use who verifies email get cloud storage and a unique link with each screen recording or snapshot. ScreenRec is perfect for sending video emails and in order to record short instructional videos without watermark.

    馃憤 Pros:    Free for commercial use|No watermark
    Very light free screen recorder without watermark

    If you compare ScreenRec with all other free screen recorders and screen capturing tools for windows 10, it has to offer much more. With ScreenRec you can record your PC screen and take screenshots without any time restrictions. There is no watermark and it does a great job with low end PCs.

    馃弫 Competitors: OBS Studio 1, BandiCam, Camtasia, Snagit
    馃憤 Pros:    Very lightweight|Works with windows and linux|No watermark|Records in hd|Free cloud storage of 2gb
    ScreenRec is perfect for video emails

    ScreenRec saves loads of time for me. Since I started using it, I never draft long emails and prefer to record a video message and share the link ScreenRec gives me as soon as I stop recording. Free 2 GB cloud storage, super fast HD recording, no time restrictions, no watermark; are a few of the attributes I love about ScreenRec.

    馃憤 Pros:    No watermark|No time restrictions|Super efficient support|Compatible with windows and linux|Absolutely free|Very lightweight
  19. User avatar
    I use it to record my PC screen without time limits

    ScreenREC got my attention when someone told me that it is not only free but offers screen capturing without time restrictions. I recommend ScreenREC to anyone who is looking for a free solution to record computer screen in HD quality without watermark.

    馃憤 Pros:    Hd screen recording|Fast and free of lags|No compatibility issues for windows and linux.|Very easy to learn|Hassle free screen recording without watermark
  20. User avatar
    ScreenRec is the perfect tool to capture PC screen without watermark or lag

    I started using ScreenRec to create video tutorials for my colleagues and later I uploaded these instructional videos on my YouTube channel. Now I utilize ScreenRec for multiple purposes i.e. to review products, to record and privately share instructional videos, to capture streaming videos etc.. ScreenRec is my favorite free screen recorder

    馃弫 Competitors: BandiCam, OBS Studio 1
  21. User avatar
    Trustworthy Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark for Windows 10

    Snagit and ScreenRec are both good but when it comes to free screen recording, I think, ScreenRec is good for those who want to enjoy all benefits of an excellent screen recorder without paying anything. ScreenRec works perfectly to record PC screen without waterkmark and there are no time limits to record your computer screen.

    馃憤 Pros:    No watermark|No time limit|No ads|No lag|Free cloud storage
    馃憥 Cons:    Limited editing tools

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    I like snag it but I use Screenrec. I thought that Snag it was a license only prouduct and this is a freebie with some cool features. Source: over 1 year ago
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    For people like me who are on Linux; Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (and downstream variants) now have a really fancy screenshot tool. But for screen recording, I'd recommend using ScreenRec. It's free, records at the press of two keys, can record in 4K, and gives you 2GB of free, private cloud storage. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • The crew cryo pods in my new wip colony ship. 180 in total.
    P.S. You know you can just use F12 for screenshots right? Unless this is console, then nevermind. If it is PC though, I recommend using Screen Rec if you want to capture only a specific part of the screen. Source: about 2 years ago
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    I tried a lot of different softwares and now use Screenrec. Source: over 2 years ago
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    But I've been using a free app called ScreenRec that works really well. Source: over 2 years ago
    This is the most common glitch found while using xbox game bar. I faced the same issue but couldn't figure it out until I started using ScreenRec, the free screen recorder without watermark. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • I made a very simple screen recorder program.
    Other than interface, the program looks fantastic. You should create a simpler user interface just like the free screen recorder ScreenRec. Source: almost 3 years ago
    Geez dude, paranoid much? It's, they are a legit screen capture/sharing tool. Try searching for ScreenRec and you'll see. Source: about 3 years ago
  • What free software do you use to record video tutorials?
    You can also try screenrec. It's free, multiplatform, and it saves screenshots and screen recordings on the cloud, or you can download them. Ideal for urgent tutorials or explanations to customers/students, since you don't have to upload your video manually, just send them a link. Source: about 3 years ago

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ScreenRec is a lightweight screen recorder that lets you capture high-quality recordings of your desktop, webcam, and microphone with just a few clicks. Its cloud-based storage and sharing options make it easy to share your videos and collaborate with others. Furthermore, it鈥檚 free and doesn鈥檛 require any registration or subscription.
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We鈥檒l leave that decision up to you. Each program offers unique features and tools, but in our opinion, Screenrec takes the cake. It is the only tool that runs on most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac, captures images as well as it works as a video recorder and offers instant sharing. Screenrec is a triple threat that no other free screen capture tool has been able to match.

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  1. User avatar
    5 months ago

    The ability of ScreenRec to quickly capture and share screen recordings without watermarks has streamlined communication and collaboration within my team. Its lightweight nature ensures that my PC runs smoothly, even during extensive use.

  2. Betty Williams avatar
    Betty Williams
    9 months ago

    I appreciate the insights shared in this discussion. It鈥檚 evident that having a reliable tool like ScreenRec can greatly streamline communication. The points raised about its straightforward screen recording and secure cloud storage reflect the importance of efficiency in today's fast-paced environment. It's exciting to see such solutions being recognized and appreciated.

  3. User avatar
    9 months ago

    I rate ScreenRec very high as a communication tool,, allowing us to easily share step-by-step solutions through screen recordings. This not only enhances our efficiency but also ensures that our clients are not left in the dark.

  4. User avatar
    9 months ago

    ScreenRec not only enables seamless screen recording but also provides a secure cloud space for storing and managing recordings. Highly recommended for anyone seeking seamless screen recording solutions!

  5. Gerard avatar
    9 months ago

    I recently discovered ScreenRec's new Mac version. Tested it on my Mac a few days ago, and it performed seamlessly. Impressive tool!

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