What's the alternative?


Allows almost any program to be minimized to the system tray by right clicking its minimize button.

Top 12 RBTray Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. DM2

    DM2 provides several Windows enhancements that may help in every-day work.

  2. Ghoster

    Dims all windows except the active one. Features:

  3. AquaSnap

    Too many windows on your screen? Stop wasting your productivity.

  4. Actual Window Manager

    Actual Window Manager 8. 11. 3..

  5. 4t Tray Minimizer

    4t Tray Minimizer Free/Pro - Minimize Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and any other applications to the system tray!

  6. Dexpot

    If you don't have Dexpot yet, the new update makes it a must-have tool for Windows, adding a ton of features to your desktop that you never knew you wanted.

  7. altdrag

    AltDrag allows you to move and resize windows much easier.

  8. AutoSizer

    Automatically maximize and resize your programs. Control their size, position, and even set them as Always On Top.

  9. Preme for Windows

    Speeds up your window switching.

  10. KDE Mover-Sizer

    KDE Mover-Sizer is a lightweight program enabling KDE-style alt-click moving and resizing for...

  11. eXtra Buttons

    eXtra Buttons add buttons to the window title: Always on top, Send to back, Copy window, Roll-up/Unroll, Minimize to Box, Transparency, Percentage Transparency, Minimize to Tray, Minimize to Tray Menu, Move to Monitor

  12. Sizer

    Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size.