1. Play MAME on your TV Arcade Monitor or Fixed Frequency Monitor

  2. SmallImage is a simple and efficient tool to batch process JPEG files, resize them, recompress...

  3. Resize, Crop and Manipulate your images on the fly!

  4. jStrip is a free tool to reduce the file size of JPEG images without sacrificing image quality.

  5. Speed up your website by compressing the images and PDF files in it.

  6. Lossless Photo Squeezer for Mac - professional photo size compressor to reduce PNG, JPEG and GIF photos and images size with LOSSLESS quality.

  7. Padlet Briefcase provides a virtual canvas for team collaboration that can be used for venn diagram, discussion board or for a business plan

  8. Optimole makes your images weigh even 80% less while looking just as good!

  9. Pngcrush is an optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files.

  10. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a commercial photo processor and image organizer.

  11. Thumbr.io is a powerful image thumbnails and processing on the fly for developers.

  12. MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and online photo editing tools & free photo editors.