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Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications

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Node.js Landing Page
Node.js Landing Page

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  • Bun vs. Node.js - Benchmarking runtime
    Do you want to try out a new runtime environment? Bun is the new Javascript runtime that claims to be better than Node.js. This article will show how we can test this with benchmark scores. - Source: / about 13 hours ago
  • What Is Node.js
    Node.js, simply put, is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment. It allows developers to run JavaScript code on the server side, making it possible to create dynamic, server-side applications using JavaScript. Source: 1 day ago
  • Next.js 13 and React Suspense: Create a loading component
    You can install Next.js 13 with the command below. Keep in mind that you'll need to have Node.js pre-installed on your machine:. - Source: / 5 days ago
  • React and NodeJS Authentication with Refresh & Access Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Before starting, you must have npm installed on your computer, which comes bundled with Node.js which you can install from here. - Source: / 5 days ago
  • SillyTavern: why and how
    Scroll down the page for instructions and FAQ. Don't forget to install NodeJS: Source: 6 days ago
  • Installing React with Vite
    So let's start with the installation. 🤗😁 Let's first install Node.js. Then Let's scaffold our first Vite project for React. - Source: / 6 days ago
  • Introduction to React.js
    Secondly, you will need to install node.js. - Source: / 7 days ago
  • Which private trackers according you are growing at a fast pace and can reach at the same level as elites like PTP, HDB, BTN in some years?
    Https:// It works fine in Windows. Download Node ( ) and use chatgpt any time you don't understand something in that guide or if you get an error. I don't know why it works or how exactly I got it working but it does work, and it works FLAWLESSLY. It added hundreds of torrents that got a 100% hash match and 0 that didn't fully match I think when... Source: 10 days ago
  • Building a message board with Next.js and AppWrite
    Have a current version of Node.js along with NPM installed. - Source: / 12 days ago
  • Steam taking up 3gb of memory? Possible memory leak in the beta branch?
    In the past Steam.exe was programming in normal language most possibly like C++ or similar that all the interface were part of executable, snappy speed, low memory consumption that Steam.exe once occupied 60Mb in RAM. But Valve hired some incompetent stupid developers among themselves and they convinced Gaben to transition into (rumored to be) working on their old CEF (Chromium Embedded... Source: 12 days ago
  • How do I install latest node js?
    As for nodejs versions: Depending on what you're doing it may be smart to not use the latest version but stick with the last lts release (18) (they even recommend this themselves here). Source: 15 days ago
  • Creating stunning blogs with Appwrite’s database relationships and Nuxt
    Node and its package manager, npm. Run the command node -v && npm -v to verify that we have them installed or install them from here. - Source: / 17 days ago
  • How to build an application shell layout for Tailwind CSS
    Make sure that you have Node.js and Tailwind CSS installed. - Source: / 20 days ago
  • Can I run silly tavern on iOS mobile? If so how?
    Download Node.js here and install it. Download the Tavern AI client here. Extract it and run the file Start.bat. Source: 21 days ago
  • EuroSquares: An AWS Amplify-Powered Game for Eurovision 2023
    EuroSquares was built using React JS and was NodeJS. The application consists of a front-end React application, a REST API, AWS Lambdas, and DynamoDB tables for storing data. - Source: / 22 days ago
  • Very silly question but i just received a website that was developed by someone on fiverr. They gave me a zip folder with these contents. How do i view it?
    Yeah it looks like its some kinda JS framework. I would recommend doing what the other poster said (any-bread) if you dont have node js installed you will have to install that before you can do anything else. Source: 24 days ago
  • Using Node.js for Chatbot Development: A Comprehensive Guide
    Install Node.js To get started with Node.js chatbot development, you need to install Node.js on your machine. Node.js can be downloaded from the official Node.js website ( Once Node.js is installed, you can start creating your chatbot. - Source: / 25 days ago
  • simplest solution for lightweight CRUD
    You might be better off just using something like: - NodeJS ( - ExpressJS Generator ( - Fly IO ( Source: 25 days ago
  • How to create a developer blog with Storyblok and Nextjs.
    Install Node's latest version from their official website if you don't already have it installed. - Source: / 28 days ago
  • How to install Wizard-Vicuna
    First, install Node.js if you do not have it already. Source: 30 days ago
  • why is sillytavern not launching?
    Did you download node.js if you haven't, do it from here . Source: about 1 month ago

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FOSS | Top 15 Web Servers 2021
Node.js is a cross-platform server-side JavaScript environment built for developing and running network applications such as web servers. Node.js is licensed under a variety of licenses. As of March 2021, around 1.2% of applications were running on Node.js. Among the top companies and applications utilizing this modern web server are GoDaddy, Microsoft, General Electric, PayPal, eBay, Uber, and Yahoo!.
10 Best Tools to Develop Cross-Platform Desktop Apps 
Electron.js is compatible with a variety of frameworks, libraries, access to hardware-level APIs and chromium engine, and Node.js support. Electron Fiddle feature is great for experimentation as it allows developers to play around with concepts and templates. Simplification is at the center of Electron because developers don’t have to spend unnecessary time on the packaging, updates, crash reports, notification,...
Python vs. Node.js: Which WillAmeliorate Your ProjectBetter?
While Python code is easy to learn and use, being 2-10x shorter than C, C++ and Java that reduces development time and improves efficiency of the code. Node.js can be used to build some dynamic and awesome web experiences and not just the websites. We have the privilege to program both on client and server side with help of Node.js. There is no buffering in Node.js as applications output the data in pieces but...
Top 5 open source web servers
The difference between Node.js and other popular web servers is that it is primarily a cross-platform runtime environment to build network applications with. Node.js applies an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O. These design choices optimize throughput and scalability in web applications allowing to run real-time communication and browser games. Node.js also highlights the difference in web...
Top Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks
Node.js is another open-source, cross-platform framework known for developing networking and severer side applications. Built on Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js features a vast library of JavaScript modules that allow developers to manage simultaneous connections easily (better performance).

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