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  • Ask HN: Reducing the maintenance surface area of hosting a small internal app
    Docker-compose, not k8s. Set up a script to update the OS, pull all your containers and reboot after hours once a week or once a day. Make sure the script specifies non interactive. Set up alerting for low disk space, see or use your own tool. - Source: Hacker News / 9 months ago
  • What’s your preferred stack?
    There can be some issues if you mix and match elastic versions, wazuh versions, logstash versions. But the documentation guides you very well with matrix of what is and is not compatible. You will want a beefy VM to run it in, I started smaller than I should of, and after running a while it kind of puked on itself, certain things would randomly stop working. After giving it 32GB RAM, plenty of disk 4TB, and 8... - Source: Reddit / 12 months ago
  • Netdata on MacOS
    $ brew info netdata Netdata: stable 1.29.3 (bottled) Diagnose infrastructure problems with metrics, visualizations & alarms Https:// Not installed From: License: GPL-3.0-or-later ==> Dependencies Build: autoconf ✘, automake ✘, pkg-config ✔ Required: json-c ✘, libuv ✘, lz4 ✘, [email protected] ✔ ==> Caveats To start netdata: brew... - Source: Reddit / 12 months ago
  • Netdata cloud and data control
    What I know is that each node's data is still primarily stored on the node itself, and I've figured that the Registry used by Netdata cloud stores only URLs and randomly generated UUIDs. So my question is, will any other data be stored outside of my nodes? Does Netdata Cloud have access to my servers 24/7 or only when I got a browser tab with Netdata cloud open? Is there more information on security and data... - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago

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10 Best Open Source Monitoring Software for IT Infrastructure
Netdata provides unparalleled real-time health monitoring and performance troubleshooting for systems and applications. Over the past six years of development, Netdata’s GitHub community has been essential to its growth.
4 Best Open Source Dashboard Monitoring Tools In 2019
“Pull” method : you can set Netdata to run on individual nodes and plug your dashboards directly to it. This way, you can scale your node to your needs and you are not concerned about the scaling of different nodes. Also, storage is scoped to what’s really needed by a particular node thus more efficient;

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