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An advanced purely-functional programming language

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  • now has "Get Started" page!
    Should they be part of or something else? - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • now has "Get Started" page! now has a big purple Get Started button that takes you to a nice short guide ( that quickly provides all the basic info to get going with Haskell. It is aimed for beginners, to reduce choice fatigue and to give them a clear, official path to get going. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • dev environment for windows
    I just jumped into the wiki "Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 hours" which looks pretty good. (although some of the text explanation is hard to understand without context).. I used cabal to set up the starter project. Sublime editor seems to work OK and I just use the git Bash shell on windows to compile the program directly on the command line. So maybe this is all good enough for now (?). It seems installing... - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • We reached Beta with Wasp, DSL (written in Haskell) for building full-stack JS web apps with less boilerplate!
    We made or are making some (small for now) contributions to projects like Cabal and, and we hope to ramp it up as time goes. - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • Haven’t even scratched the suruleface
    Maths 2 exists qnd it's called Haskell. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • An opinionated guide to getting started with Haskell
    p.s. I am also working on a PR for that would hopefully make the webpage a bit more friendly for newcomers, also focused on clearly outlining the journey to get started with Haskell easily. It is not as opinionated as this blog post, but it still tried to make things a bit more straightforward: . - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago
  • Rant: why is it so hard
    I would rather recommend the book "Get programming with Haskell." I skimmed through all the books stated on and they are definitely not beginner friendly except this one. I even bought a copy of "Real word haskell" so I could carry it around and study it but this stuff is advanced Haskell. At least that's my opinion. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • RFC: removing “alternative installation methods” from (or finding them owners)
    At the same time, standardizing on a set of defaults on the main site means that it will be easier to provide help for folks when they are stuck. - Source: Reddit / 12 months ago
  • [ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.2.1 released!
    I updated the old location on servers as well today. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Can someone explain lazy evaluation like I’m 5?
    These tricks even work in most online repls, so nobody has to install anything to try out Haskell's laziness. has a tiny repl to try out these expressions too, and they should have the primes filter example on the banner for the site. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • How is data handled in Haskell applications?
    As a secondary question, is the tutorial cited above still effective given that it is based on the '98 version of the language? I glanced at the diff log on between the versions, and it wasn't particularly meaningful to me to understand whether or not I'd be getting negative learning from this resource. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Help getting started
    I am currently following the guide on - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Haskell - The Most Gentle Introduction Ever
    The download section on can be a bit confusing, so I would recommend you to go straight to ghcup page. You just have to copy the script from the website, paste it to your terminal and run it. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Image writing?
    I'm looking for an image manipulation library. Been looking at but if you have a recommendation and want to save me hours of trying to find and familiarize myself with something that isn't quite what I need, well, I would appreciate it very much. I know I could just use plane text pbm but I don't really want to. Thanks! - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Thoughts on the state of the freenode IRC network - Edward Kmett
    I vote for either staying in IRC or moving to Matrix, preferably runs its own instance. I don’t see any better option. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Personal thoughts about programming languages has a list of free and purchasable resources. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Webinar: Circuit design in Haskell/Clash
    Hi everyone, we're organizing a live webinar on Clash, a system to create circuits in the functional programming language Haskell and a compiler that translates those circuit descriptions to structural Verilog and/or VHDL. It's free to attend. We're running the live webinar on:. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • how do I install haskell on ubuntu the correct way
    Found stack installer. That makes life a bit happier. But would like to know why the info doesn't give a good canonical answer that works. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Search Engine for Developers
    For Haskell specifically there's also Hoogle:. - Source: Reddit / about 2 years ago

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