What's the alternative?

Google Reader

Google Reader was an RSS/Atom feed aggregator operated by Google. It was created in early 2005 by Google engineer Chris Wetherell and launched on October 7, 2005, through Google Labs.

Google Reader has been discontinued. However, you can review its alternatives below.

Top 12 Google Reader Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. Feedly

    The content you need to accelerate your research, marketing, and sales.

  2. Tiny Tiny RSS

    Web-based news feed aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling...

  3. Inoreader

    Dive into your favorite content. The content reader for power users who want to save time.

  4. NewsBlur

    NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world.

  5. The Old Reader

    The Old Reader is a web based RSS reader, something like https://alternativeto.

  6. Reeder

    Reeder is an RSS reader and client for multiple services.

  7. Liferea

    Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is an aggregator for online news feeds and weblogs.

  8. Digg Reader

    Digg Reader is a simple but powerful RSS and feed reader for web, Android, and iPhone. Try it free today.

  9. MailChimp

    MailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

  10. RSSOwl

    Powerful RSS / RDF / Atom News Reader

  11. NetNewsWire

    Black Pixel is a creative agency headquartered in Seattle, WA. We build digital products for the human experience.

  12. CommaFeed

    Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on JAX-RS, Wicket and AngularJS.