1. Zenkit is the home you always wanted for your ideas, your projects, your business.

  2. Powerful open source group chat

  3. FreeForums.org is the leading provider of free forums. Create a free forum and get support.

  4. SmarterMail is a next generation email management server that is offering several business collaboration and communication features as well.

  5. Bumble is a social network that allows you to feel empowered while you make those connections, whether you’re dating, looking for friends, or growing your professional network. One first move on Bumble could change your life.

  6. About.me lets you quickly build simple and visually elegant splash pages that points visitors to your content from around the web. Get started today.

  7. Private & Secure Messenger

  8. A great alternative to Google and Yahoo groups.

  9. Galette is a membership management web application towards non profit organizations.

  10. Maximizing e-mail marketing open rates automatically

  11. Minsh is a mobile-first dedicated communication tool for teams

  12. Cloud-based software application for consulting firms (and students) with all the tools required in...