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Folderly is an all-in-one email deliverability platform to supercharge your email performance. Locate, solve, prevent email deliverability pitfalls, and ensure that your emails reach the Inbox folder.

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  • Google Workspace
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo
  • Zoho
  • AWS
  • Sendgrid
  • SendinBlue
  • Mailgun
  • Sendpulse
  • Intercom
  • Klaviyo
  • Sparkpost
  • SMTP
  • API
  • Marketo
  • Elastic Email
  • Rackspace Technology

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Supercharge Your Email Deliverability With Folderly

From 15 to 98% Email Deliverability Rate for Slash | Folderly

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    Folderly guarantees that our emails are delivered to the inbox

    Our field of work requires extensive communication via email; therefore, we needed a solution that would monitor our email deliverability rate and help us eliminate any possible issues causing our emails to land in spam, if they arise. Folderly performs its job well and protects our email reputation. The team has helped us fine-tune our email infrastructure, and is overall very responsive - they always answer our questions in a timely and detailed manner.

  2. User avatar
    Folderly saves our emails from spam

    With Folderly, we have a clear picture of the situation with our mailboxes, understand what exactly caused our emails to go to spam, and see our campaigns' performance getting better. The team is always ready to give us a helping hand and explain what we need to do next.

    👍 Pros:    Deliverability insights, spam issues fix, easy-to-use interface, responsive team
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    Folderly team always goes extra mile

    We thought our email campaign is doing good, but Folderly team boosted results to super cool! They are always there to help and give insightful advice. If you have troubles with spam and want to improve your email deliverability, Folderly would be your best choice ;-)

    👍 Pros:    Super simple in use|All in one

    Folderly is a pleasure to work with and I recommend this software to anyone looking to improve their email deliverability.

  5. User avatar
    Does wonders

    Been using Folderly for my outbound campaigns as a BDR. Sending a lot of emails most often results in many of them landing in my prospects' spam boxes. Folderly fixes this issue. I wish I'd found this solution earlier.

    🏁 Competitors: EVEREST
    5/5 software that fixes deliverability for multiple mailboxes

    The platform helped me to solve delivery pitfalls for several sales and marketing mailboxes. Sometimes we were getting replies that our emails were found in spam, so some business processes were holding.

  7. User avatar
    My emails are not ending up in spam anymore

    I've used Folderly for my BDR team when their emails started landing in spam. The tool has great monitoring, testing, and then fixing features that my team used over the course of the last 3 months to get our problem completely gone.

  8. User avatar
    Best deliverability software

    Guys helped me to structure the outreach overall and make sure emails landed in spam. They are great experts in all aspects of outreach. It's pleasure to work with them.

    👍 Pros:    Quick responce|Dns experts|Great inbox|Outreach best practice
  9. User avatar
    Cool customer service

    Always solve all questions and problems quickly. There has never been a problem that has not been solved. And overall a super convenient product to use.

    👍 Pros:    Super simple|Support lots of format|Customer support

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    Finally, I would suggest you also use in addition to those two email clients. I would help you avoid making your emails spammy and maintain a high email deliverability score. It’s essential if you’re using email for business purposes. Source: almost 2 years ago
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    Besides, I recently noticed that Apple mail didn’t send my emails. I thought my clients didn’t receive my emails because they were in the spam folder. But, I checked my email deliverability on, and it was OK. So, I’ve been looking at what makes my clients not get my emails and discovered that this email client doesn’t send them for some reason. Source: almost 2 years ago
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  • Which tools would you suggest for sending bulk emails?
    But, I faced a couple of obstacles to implementing all my ideas. The company I currently work for lacks the tools to launch email marketing campaigns. They still use their old Gmail addresses. I checked them for the email deliverability on this site —, and it turns out they are too spammy. So, I don't wanna take this risk and use them for the email marketing campaign. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Can I sue my former employee for ruining my marketing campaign?
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  • How can a small and young supplying company boost sales?
    On the other hand, when studying the matter of cold emails, I ran into this website — Basically, it talks about email deliverability and what can cause a low email deliverability ratio. Turns out, this method has a lot of hidden stones. Source: almost 2 years ago
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  • Only one question per email?
    I know that this sucks. It's hard to have a business correspondence with people who just ignore the rest of the questions and only answer the one they liked most. It bothered me a lot about what was wrong with the rest of the questions. Sometimes I really struggle to read my emails. So, they marked them as SPAM. Why not simply delete them? By doing it, they seriously affected my email deliverability. I've checked... Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Could you suggest any tools for email marketing automation?
    This significantly hit our email deliverability ratio. I've checked it on this service —, and I can say that our score is critically low. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • How can I check if someone is using my business domain?
    But, we aren't that lucky the entire time. Most potential clients don't take us seriously after not receiving our follow-up email. Hence, we are clearly losing some potential clients. I decided to investigate it myself and looked up what could be the reason for it. On some forums, I've noticed that many users suggest checking the email deliverability ratio on I followed their recommendations... Source: almost 2 years ago
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  • Email Not Working After New Host
    First, the email deliverability became extremely low. Even my emails to my colleagues who use the same domain went to the spam folder. We checked it on later on. I suggest you also try this website to check if your email is still valid and whether it has affected your email deliverability score. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Manager upset about order of recipient in an email
    So, she made us to go through our old database with the contact details of our potential clients and send bulk emails to them to remind them about ourselves and our product. Some emails were dead long ago, but she didn’t care. She thought that her text would revive those emails from their graves. I told her that it might lower our email deliverability ratio, and I actually managed to find some data to back up my... Source: about 2 years ago
  • What is the best service for sending bulk emails?
    Knowing all this, we need to find a service that will allow us to send bulk emails and newsletters to all these contacts. We currently have registered our emails on Gmail. A very basic free Gmail account that many people use. But, I've read it on this website —, that Gmail is not the best mailing service for bulk emails, especially newsletters. Many emails might end up in the spam folder.... Source: about 2 years ago
  • How to create the best email marketing campaign?
    So, I've looked up some tips on how to make an efficient email marketing campaign and decided to share them here. I found many of them on when I decided to check my email deliverability score. Maybe you can add something too or pick up some tips from what I'd found online. Source: about 2 years ago
  • What are the essential steps to running a successful marketing campaign?
    Besides, I want to send bulk emails to contractors across the country. Some companies share their email addresses, and on, I found some valuable tips on ensuring that those emails will get into recipients' inbox folders. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Are people really that sensitive to a marketing email? Why not Mothers day too?
    Well, people are not that sensitive. Still, I find this marking email inappropriate. It’s better to wish everyone a happy Father’s day and not grab attention by pointing out someone’s family issues. The good thing is that they offered an opt-out option, which I would definitely use. It won’t hurt email deliverability in the future. You can check out to find out how it works. Still, I would... Source: about 2 years ago
  • Which digital marketing channels do you consider the most efficient?
    Speaking of messengers and emails, I think it’s the only way to start communicating directly with your customers and get even some helpful feedback about your product/service. But, one of the issues with this method is deliverability and open-click ratios. You can fix your deliverability if you check your score on services like and get some tips for improving your current score. But to... Source: about 2 years ago

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The company is one of Belkins’s spin-off, a B2B Lead Generation Agency with a solid track record, created in 2015.Folderly presents itself as an AI-powered platform for increasing your email deliverability.
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To warm up your email with Folderly, you will need to connect your domain and email address. The tool will then ask you to create a warm up email template and to run a spam test to examine your inbox and identify its deliverability issues. The warm up campaign will finally begin and your email address will interact with Folderly inboxes and paid senders. Not only do they mark emails as “non-spam”, but they also...
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Folderly is an AI-based Platform to increase your mail open rate, click rate, deliverability, reply rate. Folderly goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by helping them send emails that drive revenue. Folderly is trusted by Berkely, Titan Growth, born & bred, pillbox, Greater Rochester.

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