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A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'.

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Social recommendations and mentions

We have tracked the following product recommendations or mentions on various public social media platforms and blogs. They can help you see what people think about fd and what they use it for.
  • Fzf advanced integration in Powershell
    If you want to integrate fzf with rg, fd, bat to fuzzy find files, directories or ripgrep the content of a file and preview using bat, but the fzf document only has commands for Linux shell (bash,...), and you want to achieve that on your Windows Machine using Powershell, this post may be for you. - Source: / 15 days ago
  • Level Up Your Dev Workflow: Conquer Web Development with a Blazing Fast Neovim Setup (Part 1)
    Ripgrep: A super-fast file searcher. You can install it using your system's package manager (e.g., brew install ripgrep on macOS). Fd: Another blazing-fast file finder. Installation instructions can be found here: - Source: / 3 months ago
  • Hyperfine: A command-line benchmarking tool
    Hyperfine is such a great tool that it's one of the first I reach for when doing any sort of benchmarking. I encourage anyone who's tried hyperfine and enjoyed it to also look at sharkdp's other utilities, they're all amazing in their own right with fd[1] being the one that perhaps get the most daily use for me and has totally replaced my use of find(1). [1]: - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • Z – Jump Around
    You call it with `n` and get an interactive fuzzy search for your directories. If you do `n - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • Unix as IDE: Introduction (2012)
    Many (most?) of them have been overhauled with success. For find there is fd[1]. There's batcat, exa (ls), ripgrep, fzf, atuin (history), delta (diff) and many more. Most are both backwards compatible and fresh and friendly. Your hardwon muscle memory still of good use. But there's sane flags and defaults too. It's faster, more colorful (if you wish), better integration with another (e.g. exa/eza or aware of git... - Source: Hacker News / 6 months ago
  • Making Hard Things Easy
    AFAIK there is a find replacement with sane defaults: , a lot of people I know love it. However, I already have this in my muscle memory:. - Source: Hacker News / 9 months ago
  • Oils 0.17.0 – YSH Is Becoming Real
    > without zsh globs I have to remember find syntax My "solution" to this is using (even when in zsh and having glob support). I'm not sure if using a tool that's not present by default would be suitable for your use cases, but if you're considering alternate shells, I suspect you might be. - Source: Hacker News / 10 months ago
  • Bfs 3.0: The Fastest Find Yet
    Nice to see other alternatives to find. I personally use fd ( a lot, as I find the UX much better. There is one thing that I think could be better, around the difference between "wanting to list all files that follow a certain pattern" and "wanting to find one or a few specific files". Technically, those are the same, but an issue I'll often... - Source: Hacker News / 11 months ago
  • Linux Namespaces Are a Poor Man's Plan 9 Namespaces
    Looking at the Unix to Plan 9 translation [1] gives me a different opinion. To name one egregious example, omitting find(1) in favor of piping du(1) (what is supposed to be a disk usage analyzer) to grep(1) is not an improvement; it's just user-unfriendliness in service of Rob Pike's minimalist aesthetics. (Contrary to popular belief, find(1) is not a particularly "bloated" program; Rust's "fd" implementation is... - Source: Hacker News / almost 1 year ago
  • How to remove all <br> from all of my .html files
    You could also use fd, which is faster and can find by extention e.g. Fd -e html. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Top Productivity CLI Tools I Use on Linux
    Fd, the efficient and user-friendly filesystem search tool that offers a simple and fast alternative to the traditional "find" command. Designed to provide a streamlined search experience, fd prioritizes speed and ease of use while offering sensible defaults for most common use cases. While it may not encompass all the advanced features of "find," fd's optimized approach delivers quick and intuitive file... - Source: / about 1 year ago
  • Remove older than x days undo files
    I've been using this little script, but it's using fd:. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Fuzzy search for Astro using fzf and Preact
    On the command line, I have been using fzf - in combination with fd - for quite some time now. I use it to search for directories, previous commands in the shell history and other search/filter related tasks. Luckily, there is also FZF for JavaScript, which is an unofficial port of fzf for the browser. We will use this module to power our search. - Source: / about 1 year ago
  • How do I delete duplicate files in MAC?
    I would do it from the command line using fd. Source: about 1 year ago
  • fd
    Fd is a fast, user-friendly alternative to “find” for locating entries in your filesystem, with "sensible" defaults for most use cases. Features intuitive syntax, regular expression and glob-based patterns, parallelized directory traversal, color coding for different file types, support for parallel command execution and more. Appreciated by vbd. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Neovim - irritating error messages on Startup
    - WARNING fd: not found. Install [sharkdp/fd]( for extended capabilities. Source: about 1 year ago
  • help decompress 1000s of zip file
    Fd is a tool that can search files by provided patterns and run specific tasks on found files in parallel. Now you only need a command line tool to unpack a file. 7z can do it. 7z e -oc:\soft *.cpp -r will extract from the archive all files that end on cpp and put them into a folder C:\soft. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Execute locally defined in fd
    Fd is alternative to find. Anyway, this function echoo doesn't work with find too. (find -exec echoo {}). Source: over 1 year ago
  • why GNU grep is fast
    For things that are commonly and almost-ideally represented as text files, there’s a lot of Rust based alternatives are faster and have more features than the old unix/GNU tools: ripgrep, fd, cw, and you can find more in this list. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Midnight Commander is MIA; any command line based twin pane file manager recommendations?
    Fd - A fast and user-friendly alternative for find. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Projects/Crates to Contribute To?
    Fd (find alternative) looks interesting: Source: over 1 year ago

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