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Imperial Cutter "review" [Elite Dangerous]

The Imperial Cutter [Elite Dangerous] | The Pilot Reviews

Should you buy a CUTTER? - Elite Dangerous - Imperial Cutter Review

Social recommendations and mentions

We have tracked the following product recommendations or mentions on various public social media platforms and blogs. They can help you see what people think about Cutter and what they use it for.
  • NSA Ghidra open-source reverse engineering framework
    Rizin[1]/Cutter[2] projects are stored like text files that work well with git, you could try those tools. [1] [2] - Source: Hacker News / about 2 months ago
  • The Hiew Hex Editor
    Everything Hiew can do, Rizin[1] can do too, and is completely free and open source[2] under LGPL3 license. Moreover, it supports more architectures, platforms, and file formats, as well as GUI in Qt - Cutter[3][4]. If something is missing in Rizin but presented in Hiew, please let us know by opening the issue with details. [1] [2] [4] - Source: Hacker News / 6 months ago
  • Veles – A new age tool for binary analysis
    In Cutter[1][2] we have an idea to implement thes same feature[3] as a plugin, but our priorities lie elsewhere die to the lack of enough hands. Contributions are welcome. [1] [2] - Source: Hacker News / 11 months ago
  • Debugger Ghidra Class
    You might want to check Cutter[1][2] also. Our release builds come with decompiler included. [1] [2] - Source: Hacker News / about 1 year ago
  • Fq: Jq for Binary Formats
    For this kind of task, using low-level debugger tools is probably better. Rizin[1][2]/Cutter[3][4] could help. We also have GSoC participant this year who works hard on improving debuginfo and debugging support[5]. I personally also like Binary Ninja, they recently made their debugger stable enough[6]. [1] [2] [4] [5]... - Source: Hacker News / about 1 year ago
  • What is this?
    Something like or Could possibly give you some insight. I guess the question though is, what are you trying to do with it? Source: over 1 year ago
  • Dis This: Disassemble Python code online
    Rizin[1] (and therefore Cutter[2]) supports interactive disassembly and analysis (but not decompilation) of the Python bytecode[3][4]. Apart from that it also supports Java and Lua bytecode for different versions. [1] [2] [3] - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Install Cutter with Ghidra
    Thanks, then it's probably easier to just download the Appimage from and simply keep it up-to-date. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Hex-rays is moving to a subscription model
    For integration with Ghidra decompiler there's rz-ghidra[1]. It is also bundled in the Cutter[2] releases[3]. [1] [2] [3] - Source: Hacker News / over 2 years ago
  • Why can I only start desktop AppImages from the terminal?
    A trivial example, say, for an AppImage like Cutter would be:. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Ghidra: A software reverse engineering suite of tools developed by the NSA
    If you want to harness the power of Ghidra decompiler but without the need of installing Java - Rizin[1][2] and Cutter[3][4] (Rizin's Qt GUI) integrate Ghidra's decompiler part that is written in C++ (libdecomp) as plugin - rz-ghidra[5]. We work currently on improving the integration and the quality of output. [1] [2] [3] [4]... - Source: Hacker News / almost 3 years ago
  • How to search a specific String in a obfuscated program ?
    After experiment with some simple crackme, I'm trying to analyze the security used on a old Atari abandonware game I found in the attic ("Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure"). The tool I am using is Cutter (which rely on Ghidra). I am looking for the following dialog :. Source: about 3 years ago
  • r2cutter or Rizin Cutter for reverse engineering? [XPOST]
    I myself use radare2, so naturally, I gravitated towards Cutter. However, I found out there's two forks of Cutter - Rizin Cutter and r2cutter. Which of these do you think is better? Source: over 3 years ago

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