Contract Logix description

Contract Logix is one of the longest tenured companies in the contract management space, with more than a decade’s experience, hundreds of client companies, and thousands of end-users. Leveraging what we’ve learned during that time, we build our contract management solutions with ease of use and ease of adoption by everyday business users in mind. Yet the software is powerful enough to meet the sophisticated needs of even the most demanding contract management professional.

Top 12 Contract Logix Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. ContractWorks provides secure and easy-to-use contract management software that helps you gain control of your contracts.

  2. SpringCM is a simple yet easy to use CRM software solution that gives businesses a robust solution to effectively manage contracts, documents and all types of content.

  3. PactSafe offers a contract management application that enables clients to manage, track, implement, and deploy website legal agreements.

  4. Contract management software by CobbleStone Software is a robust and easy solution for legal and procurement professionals. Learn more at

  5. Accordium helps salespeople win customers and close deals faster with video proposals, sales automation and e-signatures.

  6. ContractSafe is an intuitive and secure contract management software solution that lets you track, store and manage contracts in the cloud. Try it free.

  7. Conga Contracts is management solution designed to accelerate and simplify contract negotiations in Salesforce.

  8. eContracts is a contract lifecycle management solution for Sharepoint and Office365.