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Ko-fi VS Buy Me A Coffee

Compare Ko-fi VS Buy Me A Coffee and see what are their differences

Ko-fi offers a friendly way for content creators to get paid for their work.

A free, fast and friendly way to accept donations 💰
Ko-fi Landing Page
Ko-fi Landing Page
Buy Me A Coffee Landing Page
Buy Me A Coffee Landing Page

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Crowdfunding Fundraising And Donation Management Online Payments

Buy Me A Coffee details

Fundraising And Donation Management Crowdfunding Content Monetization Membership Management

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What is Ko-Fi?

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  • - Artist Tip Jars? | Buy me a Ko-fi Picture | Art Rambles
  • - Ko-fi Intro

Buy Me A Coffee videos

Buy Me A Coffee ☕ Support your favorite creators - Patreon Alternative

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  • - Patreon Alternative?? | Buy Me A Coffee
  • - Patreon Who? - Buy Me A Coffee!

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Ko-fi Reviews

12+ Brilliant Patreon Alternatives to Monetize Your Audience
At Ko-fi, you can share your work, and fans can support you for the price of a cup of coffee — or more. You can set up donations and commissions on a one-time basis or monthly.
10 Best Patreon Alternatives
If you want three times more income, the Ko-Fi Gold subscription is available for only $6 monthly. The Gold package offers exclusive posts and rewards, commission tools, shorter Ko-Fi username, gallery extras, analytics insights, shorter Ko-Fi name, previews for new features, and a no-ads experience.

Buy Me A Coffee Reviews

12+ Brilliant Patreon Alternatives to Monetize Your Audience
Buy Me a Coffee is a donation-based membership platform that accepts one-off and monthly support from your fans.
21 Best No Code Tools You Need To Try
For example, on my personal website (dansiepen dot io), I have “Buy Me a Coffee” button where I get visitors donating money through Paypal to say thanks for offering content and wanting to organise a call, in exchange for buying me a coffee.
33+ Best No Code Tools you will love 😍
Another very creative & simple solution for internet creators to accept payments is Buy Me A Coffee (which I also include on this site).
6 Patreon Alternatives for Your Startup in 2019
Buy Me A Coffee, or BMC, is a free donations platform for creators, and it started as a WordPress plugin. It is designed to help fans support businesses they care about. BMC allows creators to receive ongoing support, sell digital downloads, and share exclusive content.
25 No-Code Apps and Tools to help build your next Startup
Buy Me a Coffee” lets creators instantly add a codeless profit-generating feature to their page and share it with friends and customers. Make money the same day with a button that lets your fans show their love!

Social recommendations and mentions

Based on our record, Ko-fi should be more popular than Buy Me A Coffee. It has been mentiond 18 times since March 2021. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

Ko-fi mentions (18)

  • KDE 25th anniversary: ask Aleix Pol, Lydia Pintscher, and Nate Graham anything!
    I would also like to suggest kofi as well. I first heard about it on Destination Linux podcast as an alternative to Patreon and when I pulled up the details, it actual does seem really cool. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • I wanna publish something for the first time and I need help
    I have no knowledge on the back-end of DMs Guild, unfortunately. However, I do know that a lot of users who publish their homebrews on social media like Reddit or Instagram will include a link (ko-fi is good for one time, small donations), or a patreon link if they post consistently. I think anyone who posts their homebrews for free online ought to have a ko-fi at the least, because people undervalue... - Source: Reddit / 12 days ago
  • We're the co-founders of Readup and we're on a mission to overthrow the advertising industry and make it fun to read online again! Ask us anything!
    Fair point. It's not that we think this content shouldn't be monetizable without ads. Ctrl+F is just not the behavior we want to incentivize on Readup. We want to incentivize articles that are meant to be read from start to finish. Technical documentation writers can IMO monetize better with donation systems like ko-fi. - Source: Reddit / 19 days ago
  • Dragonborn lycantrope
    Tips and high-res: - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • My friend brought back an exclusive, japanese magazine interview with kevin shields from japan for me (read comment)
    If you setup a Ko-fi link ( I would absolutely donate some money for you to go through the entire magazine and translate it. - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
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Buy Me A Coffee mentions (7)

  • Ok guys. I went ahead and bought $3500 of cartesi @0.70 instead of 0.60
    Create two separate paper trading accounts on the same platform. Use one account to simulate buying at constant intervals for 10 days (do per day initially for the sake of comparison) using $100 fake money/day. Then in the other account take $1,000 fake money and over 10 days of watching a chart, try to choose the best price point and buy only one time with that $1,000. If you then sit back and watch the... - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • How I grew to 1000 subs in 3 months
    At around 200 subs I started putting a link to At the moment its just a way for people to donate $5 but in my videos I often put a rolling list of those that have "joined Sherpa Dave's Coffee Club". Any time someone donates, I email them, thank them, and show some interest. I was amazed that people really do value what I do enough to throw me $5 every now and then. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Greetings! My mom found this picture of my great-grandfather and asked me to scan it. I'd like to surprise her with a better version, is there a way to restore it somehow? No colorization necessary. Thanks in advance!
    Thank you so much, these are great. Appreciate your time and effort! I tried tipping, but I can't donate in USD on PayPal. If you have an alternative like I'd be happy to give a symbolic contribution. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • API To Spice Up Your Website or Client's Website
    Alright, that's it for today. If you found this article helpful, kindly like and share. If you'd like to say another article from me, please do buy a coffee. - Source: / 5 months ago
  • I created a web app that lets you add mods to any car and simulate performance.
    I'd love to get ahold of you for hosting, deving advice, and general socialization. I'm always about educating and education and by golly this is beautiful. If I end up being a comment in the bottom oh well but nice job man! Make a :P. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago
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What are some alternatives?

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Liberapay - Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform.

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Open Collective - Recurring funding for groups.

Gumroad - An all-in-one solution to sell your work and grow your audience.

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