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Abandonia is an abandonware website, focusing mainly on showcasing computer games and distributing... Landing Page Landing Page
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Abandonia Presents: Prince of Persia - Intro

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The best Steam alternatives for PC gamers
The independent PC gaming platform, equivalent to the eccentric bric-a-brac shop selling obscurities from stuffed animals to crystal skulls. is exclusively committed to indie games, and there’s a good chance that some of your favourite indie titles on Steam actually started life on before growing to become fully-fledged commercial products. This makes it one...
The 7 Best Steam Alternatives has a strange name but a great premise: a place for independent PC game developers to sell their work with a pay-what-you-want model. Some games come with minimum prices, but you can pay more than this amount to help support the creators. Many free games are also available, which you can pay nothing or as much as you want for. does offer some indie titles you...
10 Alternatives to Steam for Buying Cheap PC Games is all about the indies. Though most of the games offered on the site and download client are free (thanks to a mobile-style open submission policy), developers can add a price to their games, and many popular independent developers now use as a primary distribution platform. There are zero games to be had from major publishers, but anyone who appreciates a...

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  • am i the only one ?
    I finished Examtaker aaaand... I can't download the artbook from , I dunno why, maybe it's because my pc just randomly put it in .zip category but it just fails to download, someone can help me please ? - Source: Reddit / about 3 hours ago
  • The designs of the different enemies you will encounter in our froggy game. From left to right: Common, Heavy, Aerial and Horde.
    Link to our page: - Source: Reddit / about 3 hours ago
  • Space Spy: Contact Uranus
    New AdvX jam game up on If you like point and click adventures, this one is for you. Made in 2 weeks for the 2021 AdvX Jam. - Source: Reddit / about 5 hours ago
  • can you do almost all game mechanics in big game engines like godot/unity
    Heartbeast is your friend at this stage, they have a ton of tutorials for GMS. The official tutorials are also nice and there's free resources. Don't buy paid resources! Check or for graphics, music and sound effects/foley. Look at CC-0 and creative Commons/public domain stuff at this point or make it yourself. - Source: Reddit / about 18 hours ago
  • I finished the first devlog video for my pygame RPG, Ork Slayer!
    To be honest everything in my game is made by myself. Including the music, sound, graphics and coding. If you want to find sprites for your game, you might want to check out, I've heard that people upload their work there for a small price (or even for free). Otherwise if you want to create your own art it's all about practice. There are some rules to follow if you want nice art and I'll upload pixel art... - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
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  • Preserving Game Communities and Materials (Long, Detailed Post)
    A underappreciated commodity that people seem to overlook is the importance of archiving game materials and communities. For example, capturing the surrounding news/media coverage of a game release, or the general community of a game, is also very important. There are three websites that help immensely with this,, and - Source: Reddit / 8 months ago

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When comparing and Abandonia, you can also consider the following products - DRM-free game store, selling both new and old titles. No clients required.

Game Jolt - Game Jolt, where all the best free Indie Games are at!

Humble Bundle - Buy a bundle of games, you decide the price, and support charity in the process. - Freeware games database.

The Indie Gala - Buy a bundle of games, you decide the price, and support charity in the process.

Indie DB - Indie DB the independent games site. News, insight and media direct from the developers.

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