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A year ago, I described a strategy we use to build Convox: Integration over Invention. This philosophy leads us to build a platform that integrates existing cloud services instead of building custom software.

Qovery is a platform that empowers any developer to deploy their applications in the Cloud in just a few seconds.
Convox Landing Page
Convox Landing Page
Qovery Landing Page
Qovery Landing Page

All developers are not equal, some know how to deploy their applications, others don’t. But now it’s over! With Qovery, all developers can deploy their application in the Cloud in just a few seconds.

Qovery integrates seamlessly with Github and requires no effort from the developer.

We know how it can be painful for developers to deploy applications, manage staging/development/features environments, synchronize databases and all system stuff - even in the Cloud.

Developers should spend time doing what they love - developing applications, instead of wasting time on configuring databases, CDN, cache, network... That's why we decided to create Qovery. The first Container as a Service platform that allows any developer (junior, senior, backend, frontend...) to deploy applications in just a few minutes.

Convox details

Cloud Computing Cloud Hosting Backend As A Service
Pricing URL-
Details $-
Release Date-

Qovery details

Containers As A Service Platform As A Service (PaaS) Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) Cloud Infrastructure Developer Tools
Pricing URL Official Qovery Pricing  
Details $free $1.0 ($0.000006 per application per month )
Browser Web Mac OSX Linux Windows
Release Date2020-01-06

Convox videos

Convox Rack Demo

More videos:

  • - CONVOX 影音魔術盒 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 實裝參 正版導航王 Netflix #免拆裝原廠車機 即插即用

Qovery videos

How to deploy a simple application with Qovery

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Convox Reviews

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Qovery Reviews

  1. Just great
    🏁 Competitors: Heroku, Linode, AWS
    👍 Pros:    Simple but powerful|User-friendly|Constantly improving|Haven't had any bad experiences yet.|Great customer support|Easy to setup
    👎 Cons:    A little buggy
  2. Good platform

    I am not a pro software editor but qovery help me to deploy my app

    🏁 Competitors: Heroku
    👍 Pros:    Super fast
    👎 Cons:    Super simple
  3. Hassle-free web hosting with an active community

    I am really impressed with how well Qovery manages to communicate its vision, both in the web application by displaying features with a "soon" tag and by providing an upcoming features page. Despite the feature-packed application, things are kept simple all the way. Without any DevOps knowledge, you'll be able to have an up and running deployment within minutes.

    Things are on the move at Qovery and every here and there documentations will be outdated. This, in my opinion, is managed well by providing different means of communicating with the team - be it Discord, a dedicated Forum or a Chat dialogue on the web application.

    🏁 Competitors: Heroku, Netlify
    👍 Pros:    Hasslefree|Generouous free plan|Great communication|Feature rich|Code less automation tool
    👎 Cons:    Pricey "non-community" plans

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Convox mentions (2)

Qovery mentions (6)

  • How to deploy your NodeJS / Flask application to Qovery in less than five minutes
    All my prayers have been answered once I found Qovery. It's a super affordable hosting service that is amazingly powerful and gives you maximized ease. - Source: / 4 days ago
  • How to deploy your Django app with PostgreSQL on AWS
    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have an AWS account and a Qovery account. To create a Qovery account, just go to and signup with either your Github or Gitlab account. Once you have these two ready, you can move on with the tutorial. - Source: / 5 days ago
  • Does anyone feel tired of all our abstractions and long to go back to Linux servers and, dare I say it, systemd?
    I am talking about something that will look like heroku to the end user. For an upcoming startup check (I am not affiliated in any way, I just like the company direction). - Source: Reddit / 21 days ago
  • Improving Product User Experience with Data Science
    Qovery is a continuous deployment platform. Users deploy apps of all kinds, written in any language and framework they choose. The freedom users have come with a cost for the Qovery core team - the broad scope Qovery has to cover, makes it harder to make the deployment process stable and straightforward for everybody. It's easy to create a service focused on just one language or framework - supporting all of them... - Source: / about 1 month ago
  • Basic CRUD with rust using tide - Refactor and complete CI/CD
    For deploy our app we will use qovery, they offer container as a service and his tag line are The simplest way to deploy your full-stack apps. Also, they have a community plan so let's try and see how it's go. - Source: / 2 months ago
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