1. DashThis provides marketers with an easy-to-use, automated & attractive reporting tool.

  2. Build a Q&A bot from a web page in seconds

  3. Modern money manager. Stay on top of all your accounts, budgets, bills and finance goals with one...

  4. Extend Slack with Node.js. Unleash automation. Give Slash Webtasks a try for free. All the ChatOps are belong to you.

  5. Motion is AI based bot builder enabling users to visually build, train and deploy bots to do justย about anything.

  6. Your personal finance assistant.

  7. Init.ai is the simplest way to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps

  8. An easy-to-use inventory management software enabling small business to automatically sync inventory across sales channels - from one centralized software (SaaS).

  9. Simple, open source framework for bot creation.

  10. Kik's chat platform helps bot developers reach teen audience

  11. Botsociety is a tool to design, preview and export your chatbot.

  12. Improve your website to increase conversions, improve the user experience, and make more money using Google Analytics. Measure, understand and quantify engagement on your site with customized and in-depth reports.