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Top 12 Web Servers Options

Based on our collection of software reviews as well as verified products.
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  1. Apache HTTP Server

    Apache httpd has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996

  2. Caddy

    The HTTP/2 Web Server with Automatic HTTPS

  3. nginx

    A high performance free open source web server powering busiest sites on the Internet.

  4. Cherokee

    High-performance web server

  5. lighttpd

    A secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible web-server that has been optimized for high-performance environments

  6. Microsoft IIS

    Internet Information Services is a web server for Microsoft Windows

  7. XAMPP

    XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server that is primarily used when locally developing web applications.

  8. Hiawatha

    Hiawatha, a secure and advanced webserver

  9. WnMp

    Wnmp (pronounced "W-n-m-p") is an open source development environment consisting of a control panel, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP for Windows. Wnmp was created with a goal to be as simple as possible, while having a powerful Graphical User Interface.

  10. Winginx

    Download Winginx · Docs · FAQ · Support · JA · RU · EN · Donate now. Discover a handy tool for web development! Enjoy; PHP 7. 1 (+ 5. 6); MySQL 5.

  11. WampServer

    Wampserver 2. 5 users can apply the update to Wampserver 3. 0. 3 directly. There will be no change to the Apache, PHP, MySQL settings and versions used; your local sites and databases will not be affected.