1. Pleez is a registry application for iPhone.

  2. Personal shopping assistant that allows wishlist management, sharing and collaboration, grabs...

  3. Wish list registry & shopping list app

  4. Create stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere.

  5. Memit is a social knowledge management service (both web and mobile) that is built to make people...

  6. The Creative Professional Platform.

  7. Easily monitor Amazon product prices and get alerts when they drop.

  8. Shopping assistant to help save items from the web.

  9. Create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets and documents. Share them with everyone.

  10. Feed your Content Marketing needs

  11. Webboa, Minco, Tubbler and Plug-Spy. Nifty software for Mac OS X and iOS made in Mauritius.

  12. Drag and drop and make collections out of images and links on websites.