1. Global VR video community

  2. Second Life is a virtual reality platform where individuals interact in a virtual world. The software was developed in 2003 by Linden Labs. More than one million people now regularly use the software.

  3. Create 360° video apps for VR in minutes

  4. Capture stunning 360 video for virtual reality, by Samsung

  5. Bringing high-quality VR to everyone

  6. KStars is a Desktop Planetarium for KDE.

  7. Hobbo is also known as ‘Hobbo Hotel’.

  8. Experience macOS in virtual reality

  9. Super stealthy AR startup reveals its first product

  10. 3D visualization software for ESA's (European Space Agency) Gaia mission to chart about 1...

  11. Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer.

  12. Paint in spaces around you with Virtual Reality