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Best Virtual Worlds for Adults – Top 5 Options for 18+ People

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  1. Create and play in virtual worlds with others

    You know screw you *phase ones your cracker island* about 9 days ago

    Allllrighty, so first off, I'm gonna assume you have Unity. You'll need to make a VRChat account (here) and download thier API, and install it into your Unity stuff (This).
  2. Hobbo is also known as ‘Hobbo Hotel’.

    Deobfuscating SWF files for fun and for nostalgia about 7 months ago:

    One of my favourite things to do on the internet back in the late 2000's and early 2010's was hang out on Habbo Hotel, it boasted a lively community and a fun pixel art playground with games, gambling, and other activities.
  3. A block-building game that allows you to create and explore entire worlds from scratch.

  4. Second Life is a virtual reality platform where individuals interact in a virtual world. The software was developed in 2003 by Linden Labs. More than one million people now regularly use the software.

    This all happened before... about about 1 month ago

    Also I have found, at least in the past, that Second Life was the best online place for finding online relationships. Lately though it seems to be getting harder to find a quality match there, since sadly there too is being effected by the warped cultural changes regarding dating/relationships/gender/commitment which have been at force in the world. But still never know, could get lucky there. If nothing else sex...
  5. IMVU is multiplayer online video game created by ‘IMVU Inc’.