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Top 12 Support Automation Options

Based on our collection of software reviews as well as verified products.
Latest update:
  1. Botpress

    Open-source platform to create, manage and extend bots

  2. Microsoft Bot Framework

    Framework to build and connect intelligent bots.

  3. BotEngine

    BotEngine provides a framework to build conversational chatbots. Design, write and deploy bots for answering support related queries, providing services like a personalized assistant.

  4. Init.ai

    Init.ai is the simplest way to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps

  5. Recast.AI

    Recast.AI is the leading platform to build, connect and monitor bots.

  6. Bottr

    Simple, open source framework for bot creation.

  7. Floatbot

    Floatbot is Omni-Channel SaaS based DIY AI Chatbot and Voicebot development platform. Floatbot offers the most advanced AI deep-tech tools that helps any business or organization develop comprehensive AI Chatbot & Voicebot.

  8. SympoQ

    Easy-to-use online Help Desk System with email ticketing features designed for teams and companies that are looking to promote team collaboration and process consistency.

  9. Bottr.me

    Create your own conversational bot just by having a discussion.

  10. Relay

    An intelligent customer service platform that helps you deliver simple, predictive, and personal experiences at scale. Relay also has an expert network where you can seamlessly access remote and field services to augment your existing operations.

  11. Message.io

    Make your chat bots cross-platform

  12. Amazon Lex

    Harness the power behind Amazon Alexa for your own conversational apps.