1. StrikeSocial offers software for media buying​ and campaign management of social media advertisements.

  2. StitcherAds is a SaaS social ads management platform designed explicitly for eCommerce and direct response tactics.

  3. Adaptly is an ad development technology facilitating marketing campaigns in social networks.

  4. Facebook Ads Management and Automation Plaftorm

  5. Monitor your Facebook and Twitter Ads campaigns with a few clicks on our AdsOptim platform.

  6. Adly offers tools for targeted engagement to drive social sales.

  7. Procision offers targeted social advertising solutions.

  8. Brand Networks is a streamlined platform to plan, create, publish, manage, optimize, analyze, and report on social ad campaigns.

  9. SocialCode is a technology & insights company that manages digital advertising for brands across social media platforms.

  10. Easy Facebook Ads For Your Etsy Shop.

  11. Facebook ads manager tool with automation and lead ads integration.

  12. Start Using Facebook Ads the Right Way.