1. Start creating data happiness. Find, merge and prevent duplicate records in your Salesforce Organization.

  2. CRMfusion is a suite of data quality and data integration tools that integrate well with Salesforce.

  3. ZaapIT Smart Mass Update enables users to edit, update, delete and merge data in Salesforce.

  4. DupeCatcher is a provider of Salesforce data quality and cleansing software.

  5. It gives you a very easy solution to Add/Update CSV data into any standard or custom object of Salesforce without leaving Salesforce.com

  6. Helper Suite provides easy to use Salesforce data administration tools.

  7. SimpleImport provides solution to import .xls .xlsx and .csv files into any object in Salesforce.

  8. CopyStorm creates a backup copy of the Salesforce database.

  9. Datatrim Entry Check checks an entry against existing contacts, accounts or leads before the new record is stored to prevent duplicates

  10. Pulsar is an intuitive, easy-to-use application that lets users access their Salesforce data even offline.

  11. Stratus Data Cleanser was designed to find and merge duplicates in Salesforce.

  12. Cloudpond is an AWS S3 storage connector utility for Salesforce.