1. VoIPTools has a broad range of tools to help the user create a robust Call Center.

  2. Social Media Photo Booth Rental or Purchase, Photo Marketing, GIF booth, Green Screen, Branded Frames and Lead Capture

  3. Duuzra is a content delivery platform which allows the user to easily create and transfer material for use in a variety of applications including sales, marketing and event management.

  4. CDC Software offers CTI solutions for contact centers and call centers.

  5. Koolspan is a mobile communication security solution providing voice and messaging encryption for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

  6. SightCall offers comprehensive real-time video APIs and Mobile SDKs that makes it simple to embed...

  7. Task management for team collaboration

  8. SpeakerRate is a site built to find speakers, provide constructive feedback for talks, and research upcoming events.

  9. ReliaTel comprehensively monitors and manages the entire UC environment.

  10. Back Office Betties offers business phone services for legal offices.

  11. Chromacam is a tool that offers virtual green screen for web conferencing and presentations.

  12. WeChat API and SDK allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of WeChat with other applications.