1. Use our flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development.

  2. A scalable JSON document database for web, mobile, IoT and serverless applications.

  3. Realm is a mobile platform and a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. Build offline-first, reactive mobile experiences using simple data sync.

  4. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service offered by Amazon.

  5. Cloud Datastore is a NoSQL database for your web and mobile applications.

  6. NoSQL JSON database for rapid, iterative app development.

  7. A high performance NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

  8. restdb.io lets you create databases and REST APIs quickly. Development databases are free. Powerful web-based and mobile-friendly data management.

  9. The Complete Database Service for Rapid Application Development.