1. Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL.

  2. A high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming

  3. Mathematica is a technical computing system with a broad range of uses throughout various fields of discipline.

  4. GNU Octave is a programming language for scientific computing.

  5. Maxima is a fairly complete computer algebra system written in Lisp with an emphasis on symbolic computation.

  6. Scilab Official Website. Enter your search in the box aboveAbout ScilabScilab is free and open source software for numerical . Thanks for downloading Scilab!

  7. MathEditor - online formula editor with semantic recognition and advanced accessibility.

    Free Trial $1.2 / Monthly (per user)

  8. Xcos is a graphical editor to design hybrid dynamical systems models.

  9. . A2 Design Inc .

  10. wxMaxima is a document based interface for the computer algebra system Maxima.

  11. Julia is a sophisticated programming language designed especially for numerical computing with specializations in analysis and computational science. It is also efficient for web use, general programming, and can be used as a specification language.

  12. Tiny, powerful, free mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support.